8 convictions that will determine this pastor’s vote

Rev. Shane Wilson

     As an ordained minister even amid political turmoil, my goal is to keep my focus on sharing the good news of salvation and new life in Christ.  I often avoid political discussions in order to not lose this focus, and rarely mention anything political from the pulpit.  My hope is not in this world, and the salvation of souls and discipleship of believers is my calling.

     However, considering the present situation in the United States, I believe what we are witnessing is not simply “nasty politics as usual,” but a struggle for the very soul and future of arguably the greatest nation in recorded history.  And so, I believe the time has come to make my thoughts known as just one pastor regarding this struggle for the soul of the country wherein is found my earthly citizenship.  Mine is just one voice, but I believe that voice represents many millions that have been intimidated into silence. My conviction is that the time has come when this can no longer be an option.  Silence indicates complacency…and complicity.

    Now don’t misunderstand me.  When it comes to the ultra-important coming election, my vote is secret, and I will not publicly endorse any candidate.  But I can tell you that I will check that little box in early November according to my conscience and biblical worldview as a Christian.  C.S. Lewis once reflected, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen, not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”  I agree. My vote in November or any other time is part of this “everything else.”  Even though I am a minister of Christ and my first concern is reconciling sinful human beings to a loving and holy God, I do not underestimate the importance of my vote and my voice. What Plato warned of so long ago rings true today: “If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.” 

    In reality, I won’t even vote for a person.  I will vote for a worldview, and for the candidate that best represents that which most easily identifies with one that can be called biblical.  I have come to realize that the essence of this thing called worldview boils down to this…what or who is the final authority and who makes the rules governing human conscience, ethics and morality: man…or God?  I would hope that Christians would answer that it is God who does so through Holy Scripture and governments that reflect this understanding of morality at least in a small sense are God honoring. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”  If you also believe that it is God who ultimately determines ethics and morality- not committees, governments, or polls, I would encourage you to vote according to this same ideology.  But if you believe that humankind, despite its ever-changing concepts of right and wrong is the ultimate and final authority, you may want to stop reading now, because you probably will not like what follows.  As others have already pointed out, the struggle is not left vs. right, but up vs. down- or shall I dare say; good vs. evil.

    The following eight factors or convictions will determine my coming vote for president, senator, representative, or any other publicly elected official.   I would like to explain them to you.  Take note, I am not telling you who to vote for personally, but if you call yourself a Christ-follower, please carefully consider what I have to say. 

     I personally won’t vote for a person because they are handsome, beautiful, charismatic, popular, or likable.  I won´t vote for personalities, but policies. Once again, I will not even vote for a person, I will vote for an ideology; or a platform per say.  I will vote for the man or woman that best represents or stands for that ideology and worldview that glorifies the one true God and is founded in that supreme book of ethics and morality, the Holy Scriptures. This was the intention of the founding fathers, but that is another discussion for another time. Now, back to the issue of voting. Ready? Here we go…

        I will vote for the candidate that will….        

1. …protect the lives of the unborn. 

    This one’s a biggie.  I absolutely refuse to vote for any candidate or political party that sanctions the slaughter of the innocent and defenseless.  Life is sacred and precious and as a biblical Christian, I firmly believe that life begins at conception as mentioned clearly in Psalm 139.  After all, the very first person to recognize Jesus was an unborn baby, John the Baptist while still in the womb!   At the moment of conception, the complete and unique DNA code is completely set.  It’s a code that will be exactly the same even if the person should live over 100 years!  Heartbeat begins at 22 days and even pain is felt shortly thereafter.  

   Yes, I agree that we all should have a right to choose when it comes to medical decisions pertaining to our own bodies, but the baby inside a woman’s womb is another body, and another completely separate human life; a life that no one has a right to kill- not even the baby’s mother.  Be thankful that your mother was pro-life!

    Abortion is passing the death sentence to an innocent person due to the decisions of another.  It is bowing at the modern-day altar of Baal and Moloch.   During Old Testament days, babies were made to “pass through the fire” to these false gods.  Now they are sacrificed at the altar of “choice” and ripped apart, limb by limb and their brains are sucked out through a tube.  I know this is graphic, but facts sometimes are sometimes unsettling.  It’s easy to be “pro-choice” when it’s not your arms and legs that are being severed.

     I must add however that the overlaying problem behind the evil of abortion is none other than sexual immorality.  Sex is powerful because from it, human life is created.  For this reason, God gave some very clear instructions regarding it.  A fire in the fireplace can be a life-giving blessing, or a life-threatening danger.  It all depends on if certain rules and precautions are taken. It’s the same when it comes to human sexuality. Babies are aborted because of pre-marital sex, adultery, incest, and rape.  Happily married couples do not kill their children, before or after birth.  If all of us humans simply kept God’s rules regarding sex, we would not even be discussing the issue.  But because of sexual immorality, abortion has become America’s grievous and bloody sin and the number one cause of death, surpassing even heart disease and cancer combined.

     The proponents of abortion in years past were fond of saying “keep it legal, safe, and rare.”  All of them used to be against it in the third trimester of pregnancy. Now, virtually all of them militantly campaign for abortion up to the day of birth- and in some cases even after.  It is horrifying to imagine where this will take us. CBS just recently congratulated the country of Iceland for having eliminated Down’s Syndrome…by killing all the Down’s Syndrome babies before they were born. Horrifying.

     If left unchecked this warped bio-ethical trend will surely continue until it will eventually also include the euthanasia of the very elderly and mentally challenged.  The “useless eaters” will be eliminated because the “overpopulation problem must be corrected” and carbon emissions reduced. Sound impossible?  Some are already speaking in these terms and such terrors have already occurred in very educated societies during the last century such as in Nazi Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union, and Mao’s China. Millions of lives were sacrificed for the “greater good of society.”  This is where the redefining of human life can and will inevitably lead.

   When analyzing an ideology, we must always look to where that belief system will eventually take us.  Multiply something by itself and see where you arrive. Everything begets it’s own kind. The ideology of late term abortion multiplied by itself will eventually end in mass genocide, because the very definition and value of life becomes a variable. Either all life is sacred, or it is not.

   So, I will vote for the candidate that will seek to protect the lives of the innocent unborn and stand for the God infused truth that all life is sacred. Next…

  I will vote for the candidate that will…

2. …stand with Israel and the Jewish nation.

    God promised He would bless those who would bless Abraham’s descendants and curse those that curse them.  The formation of the sovereign state of Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people in 1948 in the very territory that God promised as an inheritance to the seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was a striking fulfillment of dozens of Bible prophecies.  Those nations that support this movement and people procure to themselves God’s earthly blessing.  

    Every day that the Jewish people maintain their sovereignty in this sacred land is another day that proves the Bible and Christianity are true, and that Islam and the Koran are not.  It proves that Yahweh is the true God, and Allah is not.  Knowing this helps to explain the outright satanic hatred against this nation, this people, and this movement that has been deemed Zionism. To support Israel and the Jewish nation is to love what God loves and infuriates the legions of evil. I believe that the hatred and persecution of the Jewish people throughout history has been inspired by the very lord of darkness himself. 

    Even though Israel, which is currently about the size of the state of Connecticut, occupies one half of one percent of all the land in the Middle East, her enemies will not rest until she is annihilated.  It is not a question of land or a “two-state solution.”  Her enemies unashamedly declare that it is not an issue of land, but a matter of Israel’s very existence.  This is why Israel is always in constant danger.  She has fought several wars since declaring statehood in 1948, winning all of them.  God fights for this little country born from His prophetic decree, and supporting Israel puts a nation on the side of God’s blessing.

    Standing with the Jewish state may be the single most important issue if we as Americans desire to see our country continue under God’s favor.  To turn against her would be a sure way of losing His blessing and instead would bring His curse.  

    During a previous presidency, in a rare act, the USA sided against Israel and stood with her sworn enemies regarding an issue of dividing the land and West Bank settlements.  A few short days later the greatest natural disaster in United States history occurred, Hurricane Katrina. Coincidence?  Maybe, maybe not. But one thing is sure: God is faithful to fulfill His promises…and His threats.  

    Hugo Chávez, the late and former Socialist dictator of Venezuela proclaimed, “¡Con todas mis entrañas yo maldigo la nación de Israel!” (“With everything inside me I curse the nation of Israel!”)  Within six months of declaring this, everything inside of Mr. Chavez (intestines and colon) was consumed by cancer, and even the best doctors Fidel Castro had could not save him.  These are just two of many examples.  Bottom line…don’t mess with Israel.

    The United States of America is one of the few friends and protectors of the Jewish homeland in a world that is against her, and this is I believe one of the main reasons for a continued prosperity that we certainly don’t deserve.  

    I am not saying that Israel be given a “carte blanche” or that everything she does is correct, but I do believe that the United States of America must continue to support, protect, and pray for the only true democratic republic in the Middle East if we wish to see God’s continued protection and blessing on our own land. 

    We must “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” and vote for the candidate that is most likely to also protect the “apple of God’s eye.”  This is what I plan to do come election day. Next…

     I will vote for the candidate that will…

3. …protect religious liberty and freedom of speech.

     I will vote for the presidential candidate that will seek to protect the very freedom sought by our founders that brought them to the cold, rocky coasts of Massachusetts in 1620- the precious freedom of religious liberty and freedom of speech.  This, as other liberties found in the Bill of Rights, is bestowed upon mankind by their Creator, not by government.  Government exists only to protect and secure these rights for its citizens.  

    But this freedom is now under unrelenting attack by the radical LGBTQ+ agenda that seeks to force businesses, individuals, schools, and even Christian institutions and churches to capitulate to them.  Their enemy numero uno is Bible-believing Christianity, which is America’s last bastion against the complete takeover of our culture by the truly intolerant ideology that is called LGBTQ+.

     Powerful groups campaign and lobby to legalize pedophilia. Our daughters are forced to share restrooms and locker rooms with men.  Boys are allowed to compete in girls’ sports simply because they decide to “identify” as female.  A person can be fired for not calling a fellow worker with a penis a “she.”  This is the true “attack on women!”

    Business owners are fined hundreds of thousands of dollars and their businesses forcefully closed for refusing to make a cake, floral arrangement, or T-shirt that goes against their God-given moral convictions and affirms blatant homosexuality, a practice that has been considered a sinful aberration for thousands of years by every; yes EVERY major world religion.  

    Christians are called to love homosexuals and treat them with respect as we should all people that are made in the image of God.  But we should love them enough to share the truth with them that the queer lifestyle is destructive, and that homosexual practice is a condemning sin before the Judge of all the Earth.  (As is sinful heterosexual practice!) And yes, we must also tell them that the same Jesus that brings salvation and transformation to thieves, adulterers, liars, drug addicts, alcoholics and even the proud, can also transform the lives of homosexuals too.  Countless former homosexuals have testified to this powerful truth as evidence. As born-again Christians, our identity is not in an “orientation,” but in Christ alone. It is not a gay problem, but a sin problem. Who says this?  Those thousands that have been delivered by the grace of God from this destructive lifestyle.

    Ironically, the ones “hiding in the closet” are now those that believe in the biblical definition of marriage and sexuality. The proponents of the militant LGBTQ+ agenda are not seeking tolerance anymore, but absolute affirmation and even celebration. Refusal will bring fines, infamy and swift punishment. This is happening even now!

    If the trend continues, it can only lead to government surveillance of churches and pastors’ sermons.  Fines, closures and even incarceration will eventually be realities for those that continue to preach and teach what God clearly says in His Word regarding human sexuality. These tragedies are already starting to happen in so-called progressive countries like Canada and Sweden.  

    Some may say, “Pastor, just preach the Gospel and don’t get involved at all in the political debates.”  My concern is that if we don’t get involved or speak about these issues now, the day will soon come when we will not be able to legally and freely preach the true Gospel of Christ at all!  This is not just a political issue, it has to do with our future religious freedom.

     Freedom of speech is also in danger. The First Amendment to the Constitution has never been under attack- until now.   Some of those that clamored the loudest for freedom of speech are now among those that wish to violently shut down anyone who does not share their opinion.  The famous adage, “I do not agree with what you say but will die for your right to say it” no longer defines our American Society.  College campuses have become a seething cauldron of rioting and hate just because a certain politically conservative speaker might give a talk there. “Hate speech” is now defined as anything that does not agree with leftist, “woke” ideology.  

    Google employees and even fire department chiefs have been terminated from their employment for expressing away from the workplace a phrase that is not deemed politically correct. YouTube videos promoting biblical morality and conservative principles are banned and accounts frozen.  “Group think” and the “sheeple” mentality are the only accepted norms. Conform, or else….  

    So, considering this,  I will vote for the candidate that will protect our precious right to stay true to our conscience in matters of morality and faith as well  as our freedom of speech & press, even if what is spoken or printed doesn’t necessarily agree with my own personal convictions! 

     I will vote for the candidate that will…                                                  

  4.  …defend citizens’ right to protect themselves. 

    Mass shootings are tragic.  But they usually happen in gun free zones because killers know that no one there will fire back.  The saying holds true, “If guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns.”  No amount of legislation or gun control laws in the USA will stop an evil person from obtaining a firearm and using it.  How are those super strict gun laws working for the city of Chicago and the country of Mexico?  Astronomical murder rates are the answer.  Interesting that gun violence in the United States is the most rampant in places that have the strictest gun laws.

        And as tragic as mass shootings are, the dozens killed in them pale in comparison to the multiple millions that have died at the hands of evil government regimes that first disarmed the people before taking over and eliminating the ones that were deemed nonconformists or “counter revolutionaries.” History does not lie.  Absolute government control leads to mass murder on a scale not to be compared with anything else.  Nazi Germany is one example, as are the Communist dictatorships of the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba and others to name a few. No wonder one of the first rules from the playbook of Communist takeover is to first disarm the entire population!

    The principal reason our founding fathers guaranteed United States’ citizens the right to bear arms was to protect them from a tyrannical government that would seek to abolish their God-given freedoms provided to them in the Constitution.  These wise men knew that we are always just one generation away from this. To give up the right to bear arms is to willingly give up freedom and invite totalitarianism to rule us.  Our very first president, the man on the one-dollar bill, wisely stated, “When government takes away citizens’ right to bear arms it becomes citizens’ duty to take away governments’ right to govern.”

I am not opposed to back ground checks or denying the sale of firearms to felons. But make no mistake about it, the eventual goal of leftists is complete firearm confiscation, but they wisely know that this can only be done is stages. If they openly declare their full intention, it would have a negative effect on their final goal and they know this as well.

    And yes, by the way, the only thing that deters that would-be robber, killer, or rapist from forcefully entering your home at night is the fact that he knows there may just be a 12 gauge, Glock, Ruger, or S&W cocked and ready in the hand of his potential victim.  Pure evil understands the language of force, no other. A citizen’s right to self-protection is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, and I will vote for the candidate that will protect that right. 

   I will vote for the candidate that will…

5. …resist the efforts of Socialism/Marxism and continue to support the economic and social principles that made the USA the world’s largest and strongest economy.

     People flee from countries where the government controls the economy and flee to countries that allow one to control his/her own financial destiny through diligent work and wise financial decisions. This is what makes the “American Dream” possible. Some countries build walls to keep people out, and others build walls to keep them in. Have you ever asked yourself why this is? 

    The USA is the land of opportunity for a reason.  In short, a free market economy (with some limited regulation) works and government redistribution (socialism) does not.  Socialism is eating the goose that lays the daily, golden egg. As was so keenly observed by Margaret Thatcher, “Socialism works just fine, until you run out of someone else’s money.”

    A hard case study of what happened to Venezuela proves the point.  What was once the most prosperous nation per ca-pita in Latin America is now the most destitute because of socialism, or complete government control of the economy.  People can no longer even eat scraps out of the garbage because not even scraps are left.  Knowing that many live this way, I thank God every time I sit down to a delicious meal, knowing that most of the world is not able to do so.  Only in the USA can one pay $12 or so: less than one hours pay for most, and eat all you desire, even steak and shrimp sometimes. People in countries ravaged by socialism like Venezuela or Cuba could only dream of this.  I once had some Cuban friends that told me that while still in Cuba, they sold their wedding rings just to buy some beef!  Needless to say, they were so happy to escape such a life and live in a country where people throw away more than what most eat in the so-called workers’ paradise. When asked why he wanted to immigrate to the United States, a man from India truthfully answered, “I want to live in a place where the poor people are fat!”

     And what about clothes?  Many people in some countries have little if any.  Here in the US we donate them by the truckload and buy good used shirts and pants for just a few dollars.  This is what a capitalistic free market economy brings. The prosperity at the top trickles down to the bottom.  When the tide comes in, all the boats in the harbor rise, even the little ones!  Do we really appreciate this?  Do we really want to get away from the economic principles that brought this prosperity?  It may not be perfect, but can you point to anything that has proven to be better?  And by the way, the Nordic countries are not socialist- they are free market welfare states that are far from perfect and struggling with their own problems which are getting worse by the day.    

     Maybe the best clear-cut example of free market economy vs. socialism are the Koreas: North and South.  Interesting case: they are the same people, same DNA, same language, and same history before 1950, but two very different economic systems and outcomes.  One is almost pure capitalist and the other is pure socialist.  South Korea is among the most prosperous nations in the world with one of the highest standards of living.  It’s the home of LG, Samsung, and Hyundai, while North Korea is one of the poorest in the world with one of the lowest standards of living. It is estimated that over two million of its citizens died of starvation during the famines created by the Kim Jung-Il totalitarian regime of the 90’s.  And I don’t even have time to mention the complete loss of human rights and freedoms that permeate this dreadful, Marxist society. Socialist and Marxist policies will always bring with them the loss of individual freedoms and human rights.  So which of the two Koreas would you prefer to live in?  Supporting socialist policies is stepping toward the north and its totalitarianism and away from the south and its prosperity.  And once that line has been crossed, it is almost impossible to get back. Yes, you can vote yourself into socialism, but be assured you will have to fight your way out!

     So why would anybody embrace socialist policies if history proves they do not work? Many people are deceived by the repackaging of “democratic socialism” with its false promises and “free stuff.”  But the nanny state comes with a heavy price.  The mouse doesn’t realize until it’s too late why the cheese in the trap was free. 

     A swelling government produced by so called democratic socialism can only mean the loss of individual freedoms and higher taxes to sustain its cancerous, bureaucratic growth.  This growth never stops until big government becomes socialism and will continue still until socialism becomes Communism.  If government is kept small and taxes low, this will never happen.

    “The goal of socialism is communism,” said none other than Comrade Vladimir Lenin.  And listen to the chilling words of former Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev: “We cannot expect Americans to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have communism.”  Saul Alinsky also explained this process in his manual for socialist takeover, Rules for Radicals, which, by the way, he dedicated in the forward to “the first true radical”: Lucifer himself!   This book has been a manual for certain American leftist politicians that I will leave nameless for now.

     Socialism and its eventual goal of communism has been a miserable failure each of the 30+ times it has been tried in human history.  If one thing is to be learned from history, it is that Marxism is evil and always leads to poverty and the loss of almost every individual freedom.   But one thing that it claims is true: it does bring equality, but unfortunately, it’s the kind that makes everyone equally destitute and miserable except for the few that rule with an iron fist from the top!  Is this truly what we want for the land of spacious skies and amber waves of grain?  Only those that ignore history would say yes.

     It is unbelievable that many young people today in the USA would possibly favor and even campaign for socialistic policies.  If we ignore the mistakes of history, we are bound to repeat them.  Ignorance of these facts is why many people under 25 years old today cannot tell you the story of American Independence, who fought in the Civil War, or find Texas on a blank map. True history is no longer taught in public schools and hasn’t been since leftists have taken over the educational institutions, the media, Hollywood, and even many churches!

     In short, a free market economy with some, but limited government intervention works for those that are willing to work.  Government should remain small and exist to protect its citizens and their God-given rights, not to reign over them, or even take care of them!  Yes, an exception should be made for the truly disabled, but those that are able to work…should.  A free market, capitalistic economy awards diligence and wise financial decisions, not laziness.  Even the Bible teaches this: “No workey, no turkey.” (Yes, I realize that is an extreme way to paraphrase it.)

     Big government seems to harm everything it touches: Social Security, the Postal Service, and the federal budget/deficit to name just a few.  The private sector would do a much better job, once again because of the incentives of capitalism and free-market economy. Big government has given us a 23 trillion-dollar debt as of today. (Feb 2020)  A previous president more than doubled this debt by growing the government and increasing federal spending to unprecedented levels.

    One of the better presidents in US history that you probably never heard of understood the principle that small government is good government.  His name was Calvin Coolidge.  So, what made “Silent Cal” such a good president?  Well, the fact that he did…nothing!  Hence, his nickname, Silent Cal.  He wanted the government to stay out of people’s lives.  The result was the prosperous and roaring 1920’s.

    Taxes should be kept as low as possible, for, as Churchill said, “A government that believes it can tax itself into prosperity is similar to a man who stands in a bucket and tries to pick himself up by the handle!”  Taxes also should be kept in check for corporations, businesses, and yes, even the wealthy!  I am certainly not wealthy, but I do understand that when taxes for all are low, even for the upper one percent, they will turn their capital into more businesses and jobs.  This creates greater selling and purchasing power and the economy is stimulated and grows in turn. China has recently tapped into this fact. Just look what has happened there in a few short years of implementing just some of the capitalistic and free market principles that were previously forbidden. It now rivals the United States as a world economic power.  Yes, when corporations, businesses, and the wealthy are overly taxed, they will move their businesses and factories to other countries where they are not, or they will simply cease to reinvest their money into the economy, causing financial stagnation and recession.

    Yes, I will vote for the candidate that will continue to support low taxes and  the free market economy that helped make the United States of America the economic powerhouse of the world and will oppose the evils of Marxism and the socialistic policies that over and over again have been proven to eventually cause nothing but human misery.

I  will vote for the candidate that will…

 6. …oppose globalization and one-world government.

     As I already stated, my hope is not in this world, but in the glorious coming of the King of Kings!  As a disciple of Jesus Christ, I firmly believe God’s Word regarding what is coming upon planet Earth.  The Bible does not teach that humanity will eventually “get it right” and bring Utopia to the world.

     God’s Word does clearly declare however, that the nations of the world will be deceived into coming together to attempt this false Utopia.  Forming a one-world government may sound like the solution to climate change as well as ending wars and poverty, but Revelation 13 foretells that it will be nothing less than the Anti-Christ system called the Beast, which will unleash the greatest genocidal bloodbath the world has ever seen or ever will see.  

     This coming worldwide political, economic, and religious system headed by a man filled with satanic power will eventually demand the complete loyalty and worship of the world’s population. The right to buy and sell will be taken from individuals that refuse to receive the system’s “mark of authority.”  Eventually, the punishment will be death.   Yes, this is what is coming someday according to unerring Bible prophecy, and maybe a little sooner than we all think.  

     One World government is coming and the deception to conform even within churches will be colossal.  Our Lord warned that if it were possible, “even the elect would be deceived.”  But we also rest in the assurance of the One who said, “Behold, I have told you before.”  He instructs us to “discern the signs of the times.”  We as Christ’s disciples are called to watch and pray, and remember His words, “When you see these things begin to come to pass, lift up your head, for your redemption draws nigh.” 

     It’s astounding that thousands of years ago world government was clearly prophesied in the biblical books of Daniel, Revelation, and others.  True to form, Europe is now basically one country- the European Union.  Pressure to conform to globalization is extreme.  The Pope, leader of the world’s largest organized religious system, has recently stated that we are now in need of a world leader.  Yes, the one world system is forming, and the Beast is rising just as prophesied.  The advanced technology that will enable this diabolical system to put its identification bar code on the right hand or forehead of every human being is not coming…. it’s already here!  Amazing that this was all prophesied during a time when people traded eggs for bread.

    It’s time to wake up.   Knowing and believing God’s prophetic warnings can have a powerful effect on one’s future outlook and worldview.  No wonder the government-run churches of Cuba and China never allowed pastors to mention such topics as Bible prophecy from the pulpit.  Socialism and communism hate the idea that “in the days of these kings, the God of Heaven will set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed…” Daniel 2:44

     It’s also interesting to note that one-world government has been attempted already according to Genesis 11.  God was so against it that He personally came to Earth to stop it. He knew that it would quickly lead once again to the moral conditions that existed a few chapters earlier, right before the Flood, when evil mankind was buried in a watery grave because of its wickedness.  God’s judgment is coming upon the Earth one more time.  He opposed one-world government thousands of years ago and warns mankind that it will appear once again as antichrist.  I know this is not a warm and fuzzy thought, but we should not be interested in warm and fuzzy, but in what is true.

    It´s because God´s Word has revealed the true nature of world government, that I will vote for the presidential candidate that is most likely to oppose it and it’s trojan horse called “globalization.” 

I will vote for the candidate that will…

    7. …keep a strong military and protect the borders.  

     The gravest responsibility of the president of the United States is to protect its citizens. This is his number one sworn duty to the people. In the dangerous world of today, this can only be done by keeping the US military strong.  If we have learned anything from history, it is that the world is safest when the United States’ Armed Forces are at their strongest.  As previously stated in conviction #3, evil unfortunately only understands the language of force.  It is when evil regimes sense weakness or lack of resolve in the U.S. military that they are incensed to invade, attack, or commit acts of terrorism.  It is fruitless to appease or negotiate with such regimes.  Drawing from the wisdom of Sir Winston once again, “Appeasement is like feeding the crocodile so that he will eat you last.”      

    Another way of protecting the United States and its citizens is by protecting its borders.  It is estimated that over 100,000 Americans a year die due to illegal substance abuse.  Deadly drugs are flooding unchecked through the porous southern border.   Granted, if people would simply stop buying and using these potentially lethal drugs, the problem would dry up completely.  The drug problem will dissipate only if the market for them disappears, and this will happen only if people fill their emptiness with God’s presence, not sin. More on this point later!

    Even with that being said, the border must be secured to make the entrance of deadly drugs as difficult as possible.  The border must also be sealed and protected to keep out terrorists and those that seek America’s destruction.  I believe that most people that seek to enter the United States without documentation have good intentions…but not all.

    I love immigrants and people from other countries.  I love them so much I even married one!  I also know what it is to live as a foreign national, having lived outside the United States for the better part of nine years. My eldest son was born outside the U.S.   But it is 100% untrue that to support a secure border means that you are “anti-immigrant.”  This is a mantra that today’s leftists love to repeat.

     As pastor of a 100% Hispanic congregation and preacher of the Gospel in Spanish, I don’t ask a person’s legal status before ministering to them. Jesus didn’t die obviously just for the documented.  As a minister I don’t see people as documented or undocumented, I just see people: people that God loves.  Human beings made in God’s image from many different nations and cultures.  If they are here, I will love them, share the Gospel with them, and minister to them. 

     However, this doesn’t change the fact that every sovereign nation in the world has the right to protect its borders from illegal entry and to determine who is allowed to come in and who isn’t. A few short years ago both political parties agreed that the border must be secured, and that illegal immigration must be stopped.  But powerful interests from both sides have prevented this from happening.  It’s strange that no other country in the world except the United States of America is criticized for exercising the right to secure their borders and determine who is entitled to enter.  I believe this is because there are those that seek the destruction of the USA as we know it because they view it as the last roadblock to globalization and world government. I also believe that the motive behind many open border proponents is to change voting demographics, knowing that immigrants currently vote upwards of 80% for a certain political party. They know, for example that if Texas could ever be “flipped,” conservatives would never again win a presidential election and it would be game over! But if those percentages were reversed and immigrants began voting for the “other party” leftists would be the first ones clamoring for “the Wall!”

     It is because the border is easily breached that people from all around the world are risking their lives to come to this amazing land of opportunity to pursue the American dream.  Many put the lives of their own children in danger because it is still very possible to enter through unguarded borders, some of which have not even a picket fence to differentiate the line between two sovereign nations. The harder the border is to breach, the less people will risk their lives to cross it or recycle children as human shields to seek illegal entry, or worse yet; traffic many of these precious ones into sexual slavery.

     I don’t blame anyone for desiring to come to the United States, especially those that seek to flee from oppressive and dangerous societies where the rule of law is almost non-existent.  If I encounter them on the street, I will love them, help them, and share Christ with them.  But I must also confess that simply opening the borders and accepting any and all those who come without going through the proper legal channels cannot be the answer either. 

     Some affirm that as Christians we need to show compassion by opening the borders to all who wish to come.  If this were the case, why don’t we just send cruise ships and aircraft carriers to bring back the hundreds of millions that are suffering in Africa, India: or those even closer that are separated by just water such as Haiti, or Venezuela?  Why should one person be more privileged to seek entry to the U.S. illegally just because he/she lives closer to the border or is not separated by an ocean? 

     Obviously, even those that support open borders would agree that this is not possible.  The means and resources for such mass immigration currently are simply not available.    This has been proven in countries like Germany, where for a short time all immigrants were received until they themselves realized they could only take in so many.  Case in point: A family may be able to adopt five needy children, but not fifty or five hundred.  So it is with governments.  It may seem fair to support open borders when the unemployment rate is 4%, but what about when it is 40%?  The expanding USA of the turn of the century and the days of Ellis Island are long gone. 

     The Old Testament and Jesus Himself taught that His followers must show compassion to the “stranger,” and this is what I will do.  But this mandate to individual Christians is not a mandate to secular governments to open their borders and ignore the rule of law.  It is because the rule of law is respected in the USA that millions flee to it from a country where it is not.  Open borders and ignoring immigration law can only lead to a culture where other laws are ignored and trampled.  The result I believe will be disastrous.

    Many people like my own sister-in-law have been waiting for years to come to the USA through the proper and legal channels.  Accepting mass illegal immigration is “jumping the line” and is unfair and disrespecting the immigrants that have decided to respect the rules.  Once again, it ignores the rule of law and invites absolute chaos.  

     The United States government can show compassion, but it can only do so much.  Its resources are limited, and its national debt is already over 23 trillion, thanks to corruption and bad management. The compassion that can be shown must be done through the proper legally defined channels and/or in the country of origin where possible. Needy immigrants should be received, but through the proper legal channels and according to the United States’ ability to vet, absorb and assimilate them.  Compassion can better be shown by individual Christians and those with a merciful heart by giving sacrificially through Christian and humanitarian relief agencies to help others in their country of origin where poverty abounds.

     As a pastor of a Hispanic congregation I have the opportunity to discuss these issues with other Hispanic pastors and with Hispanic people in general.  What I have found is that, contrary to the narrative that is being propagated, most of these pastors and documented Hispanic people in general support a secure border and a vetting system that respects the rule of law.

     Yes, I will vote for the presidential candidate that will uphold his foremost duty to protect the United States and its citizens with a strong military and a secure border.

I will vote for the candidate that will…

   8. …appoint federal judges and Supreme Court justices that share the previous seven convictions.

      One of the most important duties of the president is to appoint Supreme Court Justices.  How many culture defining decisions have come down to a 5-4 vote from the nine seats of the Supreme Court?  (Roe vs. Wade, Obamacare, same sex marriage, etc.)  These SCOTUS appointments are for life.  They are not elected, and their decisions will detrimentally affect every one of the former points I have mentioned. 

     For this reason, I will vote for the presidential candidate that will be the most likely to appoint Supreme Court Justices that will uphold the values I have described here.  Yes, for me it matters not if the president is white or black, man or woman, young or old when I “check the box.”  But what does matter is that he/she will be the most likely to appoint Supreme Court justices and federal judges that will protect the life of the unborn, stand with Israel, guarantee our freedoms, oppose globalization, protect citizens and keep the power of government in check. 

      Now for the most important paragraph in this proclamation. The United States of America’s many problems such as drug addiction, pornography, social conflict, and human trafficking will not be solved simply by more legislation, more laws, or better politics.  America’s problem is moral and spiritual, and lasting change can only come about through repentance from sin and by turning back to the one true God and the truth of His unerring Word on a massive level.  It may be too late to turn the ship around, but this alone is America’s last great hope, not any political party or even any presidential candidate.  However, even though my hope is not in a political party or presidential candidate, I will vote for the one that will most likely help or allow this spiritual revival to take place.

      Finally, I must also say that I am not voting for a pastor-in-chief, or a pope, but for a commander-in-chief.  Just before boarding a plane or being carted off to surgery, it is nice to have a pilot or surgeon that is a true Christian, but obviously the most important matter is that he/she can get the job done by performing a skillful landing or surgical operation.   A candidate may have a checkered past or possess personality defects, but in spite of this, I will vote for the one that is most likely to stand for the ideology and platform I have poured my heart out describing here.  And I will vote against the candidate that that is supported by terrorists, America haters, witches, warlocks, satanists, atheists and communists! After all, if the devil is for you… 

      Once again, when I step into the voting booth, the issue will not be about white, black, brown, etc.  It will not be man vs woman, or young vs old.  What does matter is that I will prayerfully vote as a Christian with a biblical worldview for the candidate that most reflects the firmly held and God-given convictions that have been outlined here.  I may not agree with everything that he/she has said or done, but the candidate that will best promote and defend these eight precious convictions will get my vote.  Why?  Because the other option opposes all eight of them and for me…is not an option.  If you are a Christian and your worldview is shaped by God’s Word, I only hope you will consider doing the same.  


El simple todo lo cree; Mas el avisado mira bien sus pasos. Prov. 14:15 No es que yo te esté diciendo que no te pongas “la vacuna”. Solo quiero que pienses en algunas cosas para que puedas tomar una decisión bien informada. Como siempre, es necesario mirar ambos lados de un asunto. Esto es lo… Continue reading ¿VACUNARTE, O NO?”

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