I will no longer be silent. I must share this information.  I have seen too many people die that I know personally.  It is time to end the fear and hysteria this virus has caused.

What you are going to read here is not just mine.  Versions of it have been making circles in the Latin American, Spanish speaking world for some time.  It is something that many people that have recovered from Covid-19 will swear to and makes perfect sense.  There are physicians that will attest to it as well, but many fear losing their medical license or worse: they will not repeat it because they are part of the puppet that is being controlled in higher places and only repeat what they are told.

It’s time to listen to common sense and experience. We can see what the accepted “medical establishment” has achieved so far…over 114,000 deaths in the United States alone as of June 9th, 2020. It’s time to listen to someone else, so why not the people that have recovered?  I honestly believe that in a few years Covid-19 will be uncovered the greatest conspiracy in human history.  Remember, it’s not a conspiracy theory…if its true.

Have you asked yourself why the accepted media sources never seem to mention exactly what is killing people infected with the virus or specifically how it is they are dying?  All they tell us is “they died of Covid-19.”  But exactly what happens in the body of the people that causes their death? 

I believe the reason this simple information is not shared with the public via the mainstream media is because if it were, the automatic answer would be… “Then why don’t you just treat it with_________?” It´s that simple. Covid-19 is indeed easy to treat, but healing cannot come if we do not know exactly what we are dealing with or how to treat it.  So why does the hand controlling the marrionette of the accepted medical establishment not want you and I to know the truth about this disease?  I will leave the answer to that question for another time as more evidence is comes forth. Time has a way of exposing the truth.

My objective now is simply to save lives. If what I am going to share with you is put into practice by everyone, I believe the Covid-19 nightmare will be over.  We will not need to lock down or destroy the economy anymore because we will be dealing with a sickness that has a cure.  People are not afraid of getting sick.  They are afraid of dying.  If people are no longer dying at a high rate, the problem is solved, and the nightmare is over.

What I will share with you costs almost nothing and is not risky or dangerous.  But when (not if) you come into contact with the virus and get sick, you may want to remember this information. There may be other medicines that work well, such as hydroxychloroquine, but these require a doctor’s prescription and your physician may not even prescribe it because it is not part of the “accepted” treatment of the narrative.

Here is the information that the world needs.  Thousands of autopsies in Italy confirm it.  People die of Covid-19 mostly because of pulmonary embolism. In other words, tiny blood clots form in the lungs that impede them from absorbing necessary oxygen.  Clots can form in other parts of the body, but the lungs are where most of the danger is presented. Surviving the virus requires not allowing these clots to form.

No ventilator or breathing machine will cure a gravely ill Covid patient, because there comes a point where no amount of air pumped into the lungs will be enough.  When a sick person is sedated or induced into a coma and the tube is inserted into the trachea, it’s usually game over unless God intervenes, because once these clots form, dissolving them is a difficult process that takes more time than the patient has. The point is to anticipate: to stay in front of the disease so that this stage never develops.

One of the clearest signs that you have the virus is the loss of taste and smell, as well as fever, body aches and cough.  If you have these symptoms, yes, get tested, but do not wait until you get the result back to begin your treatment. Remember, you need to stay ahead of the game…earlier is better. So, if you come down with Covid-19, there are three things you can do immediately.   I call this the Triple A Treatment- Activity, Air, and Aspirin. Let me now explain…

A#1- Activity– If you become ill due to Covid-19, resist the desire to lie down or sleep during the day.  The virus prospers and grows more powerful when the person is immobile or in a lying position.  This allows the effects of the virus to attack the lungs more readily.  This is one of the factors as to why elderly people are so much more prone to die.  They are not as active and in many cases are already bed ridden. So, keep yourself active as much as you can and even do periodic or daily exercise if possible. Activity stimulates blood flow so that the deadly, tiny clots do not form.

A#2- Air (and sun)– You will want to spend all the time you can outside in the natural air and sun.  During the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-1919 that killed upwards of 50 million people worldwide, it began to be commonly observed that sick people recovered at a much higher rate if they were placed outside in the natural air and sunlight. This may be what finally ended the devastation.  People get sick much more frequently in the winter because they are confined indoors and are breathing the same recycled air full of virus and bacteria all the time.  Fresh air is a necessity!

Sunlight also has curing qualities and stimulates your body to naturally produce essential vitamin D and other necessary hormones that empower your immune system to fight off and defeat infections.  The perfect scenario would be the pure air, sunlight, and salt water (which also has healing properties) of a warm beach.  Obviously, following these guidelines will be much easier during the warm season than in winter. But if it’s wintertime, open all your windows for at least 10 minutes every 6 hours to bring in fresh air and remove the stale air. Air purifiers may help too, but they are not a substitute for opening the doors and windows.

It has been observed that the Coronavirus is hardly transmitted outside where it is exposed to the sun’s rays. This explains why the death rate of Covid-19 is so low in places like India and in the African continent in spite of extreme poverty and lack of medicine.

India is a country of over 1.3 billion people, many who live in “bee hive” conditions where social distancing is virtually impossible and everybody should be getting the virus.  And they are getting the virus. However, the death rate is extremely low because in the warm climate people spend most of their waking hours outdoors in the sun and in most cases their homes allow natural air to enter from the outside.

A#3- AspirinAcetylsalicylic acid, or commonly known as Aspirin, is a cheap blood thinner that is readily available everywhere for just a few dollars. It is an excellent anticoagulant, which means it thins the blood thereby preventing anyrisms, also known as blood clots. This is why aspirin is often prescribed for heart disease patients or people that are at risk for stroke.  There are other medicines specifically for thinning the blood such as Xeralto, Eloquis, or Warfarin, but these require a doctor’s prescription and may have stronger side effects.  Aspirin is sold everywhere, even at gas stations for a few dollars, and, of course does not require a prescription. 

Remember, to combat Covid-19 the blood needs to be kept thin so that the lethal clots do not form in the lungs!  In Australia and New Zealand, all Covid-19 patients are now administered blood thinners and their death rate has plummeted!  It’s time open our eyes and see what works!

It is important that the aspirin be of the normal dosage of 325 milligrams per pill, but not every person needs the same amount.  It is not “one size fits all.”  For example, a person that is already using one of the anticoagulants I mentioned above will not need as much aspirin because his/her blood is already thin.  A small person will not need as much as a large person. 

The deadly effects of pulmonary embolism seem to hit around day five to seven after the first symptoms of Covid-19 appear.  Do not wait until this happens to start taking your aspirin!  Once again, you need to “stay in front of it.” When the tiny clots start to form in the lungs it is a difficult and long process to dissolve them.  This is why you should begin taking the aspirin by the second day after falling ill. You do not have to wait until you “test positive.” 

So, if you are not taking blood thinners and are of a normal size, and are beginning at the second day of illness, you can begin taking two 325 milligram aspirin pills in the morning and two more before bedtime.  Take them with a glass of water and a little food so they will be received better by the stomach. If you are extremely obese or if you are a normal size person starting the treatment late, such as day number four, you will need to take two aspirins three times a day, in addition to staying active and spending time outside in the fresh air and sun. Don’t worry about the aspirin, the side effects are minimal at this dose. Easier bleeding or a bloody nose may be a worst-case scenario.  If this happens, back off the dosage a little bit, it means your blood is thin enough to avoid the clots. The benefits greatly outweigh the risks…it can save your life!  An added benefit of the aspirin is that it will help with fever and body aches so you can stay active and outside!  Continue to take the aspirin for at least five days or until your symptoms begin to clearly dissipate.

Covid-19 is almost never a danger for children or young people if they have no underlying health conditions. They probably will not need to take aspirin, but of course activity and fresh air and sun will help them to recuperate faster.

Right now, a normal person of 35 years old is more likely to die of a lightening strike than of Covid-19.  But for people above 40 years old, for the extremely obese of any age, and for people with already underlying health conditions, much care should be taken to follow this regimen of activity, air, and aspirin!

Finally, I wish to explain why the puppet master’s recommendation to shut healthy people away from the rest of society is not a good one.  When we leave the confines of our home, we are exposed to many different viruses and bacteria and our body’s immunological defense system is activated and begins to work. Then, if we come in contact with the Coronavirus, our system will have a better chance to combat it and defeat it because this system is already working. When we shut ourselves away in a bubble and keep ourselves away from every germ, this God-designed system of defense is put in a state of “shut down” and the Coronavirus will invade and do it’s damage much easier since this defense barrier is not functioning.

There is another reason why you should not stay shut away…

Covid-19 is not going away.  Unless you never come out of your bubble and never allow anyone into it, you will be eventually exposed.  It is not a question of if, but when.  Herd immunity is the viable and most permanent solution, and this is now possible because we no longer have to live in morbid fear of this virus! We know how to treat it.  We don’t have to lock down or destroy the economy ever again because of this.

If what I have written here will save just one life, it will be worth it a thousand times.  But I trust that much good will come from a simple blog post written by a simple man who is not a doctor, but who cares about people and wants to save lives and end the hysteria. 

If what you have read here is wrong, you have nothing to lose except maybe three dollars.

But if it’s right? 

I don’t want to see one more person die unnecessarily.

It’s time to come out of the nightmare and quit listening to the puppet master.

More on that later.  

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