Trump, the modern-day Jehu & “the Narrative”

It wasn’t supposed to happen.  The plan of the elites was for the Clinton political machine to steamroll the 2016 election.  “Madame President” magazine covers were already at the press. The polling indicated it was a sure thing…it was in the bag.  The one thing however that they didn’t count on was that literally millions of us Bible believing  Christians were praying, and praying hard.

I am a pastor who votes his conscience.  I vote for the candidate that I believe most reflects the biblical and American values that gave us this wonderful country we call the USA. I have always voted but was not too vocal about it…until now.  There is just too much at stake.  I would like to share with you my story as it relates to the subject at hand.

Franklin Graham, son if the late evangelical icon,  had  coordinated a 50-state prayer stop at every capitol leading up to the 2016 election.  I was here at the Des Moines, Iowa capitol with him and a few thousand others calling out to God on a frigid but sunny January day. Yes, what they didn’t count on was…praying Christians. Our supplication was answered on November 8th, 2016, but not how most of these praying people imagined…or with whom they could have imagined.

Living in Iowa, the selection system begins right here with us in the land of corn and pigs.  We had what I considered some good Republican candidates running for the office of president in 2016.  I met many of them as they came through Des Moines campaigning.  I liked Marco Rubio and chatted with him in Spanish when I met him at a Barnes & Noble where I received a personal autographed copy of his new book.  (By the way, I pastor a Spanish speaking church.)

And I really liked Dr. Ben Carson.  As I took a picture with my arm around him I told him under baited breath, “We’ve got to beat that strip club owner.”  I, of course was referring to Donald Trump.  Dr. Carson’s answer surprised me.  He gently responded, “God is in control.”  That phrase certainly proved to be prophetic. 

Finally, at the night of the caucuses, I was appointed by the Ted Cruz campaign to speak on his behalf at my local precinct.  I finally decided Ted would be my candidate because he reflected the values that I held dearly, and I thought he had the best chance to actually beat Hillary, who I definitely did not favor.  At the caucus I explained why I believed Ted Cruz was the best option for America. 

Then a Prime Time GOP debate came to Des Moines.  I sat with my daughter right behind Chris Matthews and Megan Kelly of Fox News as about ten candidates took the debate stage. Donald Trump was not among them.  At the time he was miffed at Fox who sponsored the debate and decided to withdraw and do an event honoring the veterans across town at Drake University.  

I was not a fan of “the Donald.”  I didn’t trust him. I wondered if he could be a “chameleon”  and change back into the liberal Democrat that he had been for most of his life. He clearly was not a Christian.  My thought was, “how could we Christians possibly trust a man like this  that has such a sordid past?”  The guy owned casinos and even a strip joint.  He was foul mouthed.  He made fun of people and belittled them.  He was a privileged billionaire.  I couldn’t believe it when Christian friends of mine pledged their support for him when, in my mind, we had such better options.

Well, a few months and many fallen GOP candidates later, Mr. Trump secured the Republican nomination.  I remember thinking, “I don’t trust the man, but I am going to vote. I have to. It is my duty and privilege as an American citizen.”  I went to my polling place down the street on voting day.  I stared at the ballot. I don’t remember all the names, but I do remember two of them…Hillary R. Clinton, and Donald J. Trump. With Hillary, I knew what I was getting: more big government, more radical support for abortion on demand, attacks on religious and other liberties, globalization, and higher taxes. But with Donald, I didn’t quite know.  He said that he was for all the right things that I believed in, but I just didn’t know if I could trust him.  I checked the box with his name, just for the chance that he would stand for what he said.  Well, we all know what happened later that fateful November night.

As time passed, I noticed that Trump surrounded himself with many Christians and spoke often of God. I was hearing from reliable sources that he was attending daily Bible studies and prayer meetings.   His VP, Mike Pence probably was the godliest politician I have seen in my lifetime.  And he was doing what he said he would do…defending the unborn, and our precious liberties. He stood with Israel and even moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. He got rid of ISIS and put a check on Iran, North Korea, and China. He made the United States energy independent. He lowered taxes and removed regulations. The economy boomed. Jobs were created. The Dow and the Nasdaq broke records on a daily basis. He pulled the USA out of unfair trade agreements and everything that was pulling the country into the vast, black hole of globalization and world government.  He appointed two excellent Supreme Court justices that have stayed true to conservative and biblical values as well as many other judges that will likely uphold the Constitution and defend our freedoms. But even after all this, to me President Trump never stood taller than when he declared to all the oppressive democratic governors in the midst of the Covid-19 lockdowns that churches were essential and should be opened immediately!

So here I am, four years later with a very different opinion of this New York businessman and entertainment mogul. No, as a Bible scholar I still can’t consider him a true Christian in the biblical sense of the word, and I am praying for his genuine conversion to Christ. However,  I do believe he was selected and anointed by God for a solemn purpose.  “How can Trump be anointed by God?” you may ask. “He has so many character flaws.  He’s on his third marriage; even paid hush money to a porn star!”  I am not challenging any of those accusations. But I do wish to point out that many of these things are from his former life.  Since becoming president there has definitely been a change. 

Now, in 2020, I can honestly say two things.  First, I have never been so wrong about anyone in my life.  And second, checking that box was the best political decision that I have ever made.  Yes, four years later, and all Donald Trump has done is exactly what he said he would do.

I am not an “always Trumper” nor will I defend everything he says, does, or tweets at 3 AM.  He is indeed a man with flaws, as are you and I.  He’s uncouth. He’s a loose cannon. He’s not political.  So who is he?  What is the bottom line? 

I believe Trump is…appointed and anointed by God for a special purpose.   It’s interesting to note that the Bible tells us of a similar situation.  About 2,800 years ago God’s Word tells us there was a great spiritual and moral crisis in the land of Israel and Judah.  Wicked Queen Jezebel was still on her throne and her equally depraved son Joram was her puppet king.  Judah was also governed by the evil King Ahaziah and Baal worship predominated everywhere. Knowing this background, we read these words in I Kings 9:1-3…

 And Elisha the prophet called one of the children of the prophets, and said unto him, Gird up thy loins, and take this box of oil in thine hand, and go to Ramothgilead: And when thou comest thither, look out there Jehu the son of Jehoshaphat the son of Nimshi, and go in, and make him arise up from among his brethren, and carry him to an inner chamber; Then take the box of oil, and pour it on his head, and say, Thus saith the Lord, I have anointed thee king over Israel. Then open the door, and flee, and tarry not.

The prophet Elisha gave specific instructions from God to appoint and anoint an unruly man named Jehu as the new king of Israel.  Jehu was a military warrior that “drove (and lived) furiously.”  The Bible says he was not a godly man.  He “took no heed to walk in the law of the LORD.”  So, of all the men available in Israel, why Jehu?  You know, if I was God I would have chosen a man of love, peace and godliness!  (Glad I am not God, and also that you aren’t!)  So why did God select Jehu? 

God anointed Jehu for a specific purpose and chose a man that had the character traits that would accomplish His  purpose.  That purpose was to bring down the wicked kingdoms of Jezebel, Joram, and Ahaziah.  For this reason, God chose a reckless man of war who also had his share of personal flaws.  It didn’t take long for Jehu to gain followers as he “drove furiously” towards Jezebel’s palace to execute God’s judgment.  Incredibly, in just a few days, this “anointed” man toppled the queen and king of Israel, then the king of Judah, and then had all the priests of Baal in both kingdoms…how shall we say?… “taken care of.” He could not be stopped because God was with him. He “cleaned house” and Baal worship was gone, at least for a while.

No, I am not calling for violence nor do I think Trump will commit or command unnecessary violence.  What I am saying is that God, yes, the Almighty and Righteous Yahweh, called, anointed and used an ungodly man; a loose cannon of a man, to accomplish His urgent and special purposes. Leave it to God to surprise us all!  He does things His way and in His time.  And all indications show that He has done the same thing again through President Trump. He is God’s Jehu, anointed to “drain the swamp.” (…Jehu the son of Nimshi, whom the Lord had anointed to cut off the house of Ahab. II Chronicles 22:7) Even so this modern Jehu carries an anointing from God to combat and defeat what has become every passing day a political party and platform that can only be called an ungodly abomination.

The current Democrat party has literally eliminated God and Judeo-Christian values from their platform. Almost all of them have embraced the killing of the unborn up to 9 months and sometimes even after birth. They promote and support the radical LGBTQ+ agenda, even upon our children in public schools and libraries. Many are now even promoting pro-pedophilia legislation. In addition to this, they wish to shut down any free speech that does not agree with their agenda. They seek to disarm US citizens. (Always the first step before a Marxist takeover.) They side with the enemies that have sworn Israel’s destruction. And of course, they seek to create a Nanny state of government dependence through theft from hard working individuals and businesses by means of an exorbitant tax rate and stifling regulations that will only cause these business, corporations and the economy in general to shut down or seek to open in another country that is not so oppressive. Yes, “Socialism works fine…until you run out of someone else’s money.”

If the radical leftists that have sequestered the Democrat Party gain the power they so desperately seek, I suspect that before long churches will be regulated for “hate speech,” homeschooling will be illegal, the economy will be destroyed, and what was once the greatest country in the world will simply become part of the “world community.” The American Dream will be permanently over. And the worst of it all: once these self proclaimed Marxists gain power, they will never, ever, ever give it up. So with these things in mind, enter one Donald J. Trump. The one that is “in the way” of this godless agenda.

And here is another interesting point. Trump has been anointed by God when I consider who opposes and hates him with such a passion: none other than Marxists, Leftists, witches, warlocks, atheists, radical Islamic terrorists, anarchists, globalists, and the deep state elite.  You know, if the devil is against you, then… (well, you finish the sentence please)

I often wonder why there is so much hate directed towards Donald Trump. 93% of the mainstream media reporting regarding him is absolutely negative. And what exactly has he done to make them despise him so much?  As I have already mentioned, all he has done was give us a great economy where all people from every ethnic background were rising, working, and living better. He has protected our precious personal freedoms as outlined in the Bill of Rights.  He has authored prison reform and helped needy veterans.  He has restored strength and sovereignty to our nation. I already mentioned the great Supreme Court justices he appointed as well as almost two hundred other good, solid circuit judges. So, again, why is it they hate him again?  Was it a loose comment he made or unpolished verbiage spewed while speaking off the cuff? Maybe it was one of those infamous 3 am tweets.  Many choose to only see these things and ignore what President Trump has actually done.   

Let me just go ahead and tell you why Donald Trump is so hated by the elites, the media, and the Left.   It is simply because this bullish, stubborn man cannot be controlled. I believe much of this hate is actually satanic. Let’s delve in a little deeper. 

Leading up to the election Trump was constantly belittled and made fun of. We were assured and promised by none other than Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Tom Hanks, and almost everyone on the left that he would “never become president.”  Then, the unthinkable happened…that night and next day when commentators cursed, Miley Cyrus sobbed, and “progressives” threw their head to the sky, releasing their anger by means of a mighty, primordial scream.

Reflecting again back to the 2016 election, in hindsight, I understand God’s wisdom now.  I can see that Ted Cruz could never have appealed to those gritty, foul-mouthed blue-collar workers in the rust-belt states that Trump won over.  It was those people in those states that allowed him to beat the Clinton political machine in 2016.

But after his election the real attacks began.  We were told every night by the mainstream media that Trump had colluded with the Russians to win the election.  They were sure of it.  We were “gas-lighted” to believe that if we didn’t think this way- we must be crazy or part of the problem. The only problem was- two years and millions of dollars later zero evidence was found that confirmed this.  The Mueller Report was released and all people could say was, “you mean that’s it?” And the closer they got with the magnifying glass, the only fingerprints that were starting to appear could be traced back to, yes, you guessed it: the Clinton political machine.  So they failed, and it was time to change tactics. 

So the Russian collusion scam was quietly placed back into the imaginary world from which it came and was replaced by the “Quid pro quo” narrative.  This one gained even more traction and thanks to the Democrat House of Representatives majority, it actually made it to a Senate impeachment trial.  Trump was accused of withholding military financial assistance from Ukraine in exchange for information about Joe Biden’s son and his shady business dealings with big oil in that country.  Once again, the only problem was that after months of investigation, it was clear that the only one that threatened Ukraine by withholding financial aid in exchange for a “firing” favor, was none other than… yes, you guessed it again…Joe Biden himself while he was vice president!   Mmm…. Nothing to see here folks.  Move along please…

So when even these tactics didn’t work, another even more diabolical plan was hatched and literally “released.”  Communist China, the country that was slowly financially consuming the United States and other countries through unfair trade practices, technology theft, currency manipulation and many other practices was put in check by God’s Jehu.  “You tariff us, we’ll tariff you!” was his message and that is just what he did among many other things. And so the Great Communist Dragon of of the East shook with rage their deceit and manipulation was put in check and the American economy rose, and rose even more.  Countless jobs returned from overseas.  Myriads of factories reopened. The USA became completely energy independent leading to the cheapest gasoline in decades. And then the modern Jehu even, uh, “neutralized” Iranian general Qassim Suleimani, one of the most dangerous men in the world who had the blood of hundreds of Americans on his hands and was plotting for more. And that wasn’t all.

The porous southern border was becoming more secure and illegal immigration was at a twenty-year low.  Drug and human traffickers, MS-13 gang members, and terrorists were having a harder time breaching the line of US sovereignty. After all, doesn’t the Constitution state that the main responsibility of the United State’s president is to actually protect its citizens?

Yes, all indications were that in the coming election, just nine months away, Trump was going to win in an absolute landslide.  After all, no incumbent president had ever lost an election with a booming economy.

But then…the new attack came. Something sinister and unprecedented just “happened.” During the incredible coincidence of the election year, an extremely dangerous, humanly manipulated virus somehow “escaped” out of a laboratory in…yes, you guessed it, China of all places!  It was a lab that had connections back to the United States.  Interesting.  Again, what a coincidence! And the plot thickens…

China was very secretive about the virus at first.  A whistle blowing, Chinese doctor dared sound the alarm about it and died mysteriously a few days later after contracting “the virus.”  The scourge then began to make its way around the world.  Trump quickly suspended travel from China, being called a xenophobe for doing so, but it was too late.  The extremely contagious virus had entered through the back door and began spreading like wildfire in the United States. People panicked.  The “experts” told us we had to lock down our businesses, our economy, our churches, and our lives in general.  No one knew exactly what we were dealing with, so everyone complied.  We wanted to “err on the side of caution.”  The economy tanked.  The lowest unemployment ever became the highest in just a couple months. Even President Trump was forced to listen to these “experts” for a while. 

Some doctors talked of an extremely cheap medicine that had been used for over 60 years without any problems called Hydroxychloroquine. It could possibly keep people from dying from the dreaded Covid-19 virus.  Trump began to speak of this medicine and even use it himself for protection. His suggestion was immediately shot down by some supposed “studies” that were performed on people that were about to die anyway.  The voices of hundreds of doctors were suppressed and even legislation was passed in some states prohibiting physicians from prescribing the well-known, safe medicine with a production cost of about sixty cents a dose. 

Uganda, a country of 43 million people had, because of a Malaria breakout already widely distributed Hydroxychloroquine and had reported only 15 deaths from Covid as of August 19th. Once again, this information was ignored by the puppet master that controlled the world marionette medical system. One doctor who declared to have treated over 400 patients with the medicine without a single death was also silenced. And many others lost their medical license for trying to speak out or challenge the puppet master narrative. Anything posted on social media that didn’t conform to it was suppressed: and people died by the hundreds of thousands world wide.  

“What?”  You may ask. “Are you saying that China and the elitists from the deep state are working together to destroy the US economy simply so Trump won’t get re-elected?” Well, uh, er, yes…that is exactly what I am saying, and I believe time, the great tester of all things, will eventually prove it beyond a doubt. If there is one thing we have learned from the history of Communist China and the global elite, it is that millions of lives lost are simply “collateral damage” in order to obtain their final objective.  In this case, the goal is simple…absolute power and control through one-world government. We Christians that actually believe the Bible is God’s inerrant Word have another name for it: The Antichrist system or the Beast of Revelation 13. It will come, we just don’t know when.  It may not quite be time yet, and God has raised up a deterrent and stubborn obstacle to this malevolent power: yes, the modern day Jehu, Donald J. Trump.

Not satisfied yet, and to make double sure this “obstacle” was removed, another tactic began.  In a country of over 330 million people, a few isolated instances of police error were used to create the narrative that the United States was systematically racist and police were even “hunting down people of color.”  Never mind that in most of these cases the people in question were violently resisting the police before the “injustice” happened. Never mind that in this country of 300 million only 13 or so cases of this happening in one year could be recalled.  Never mind that a cop was 19 times more likely to be murdered by a black man that the other way around. No, the new narrative had to be established and maintained, and as is done every four years before the presidential election, the race card was played again, but this time more than ever. “The United States is systematically racist!,” was the new mantra.

A certain evil man that was brilliant at manipulating the masses once stated, “A lie repeated long enough becomes truth.” Never mind the United States had fought a war in which 380,000 white men had died in a long, grueling, bloody struggle to free the black slaves.  Never mind the country had even recently elected a black president…twice! Never mind that it had actually done more to combat racism in the world than any other nation in history. 

In a desperate attempt to establish the narrative, even the very definition of racism was changed from the classic MLK’s “judging a person, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,”  to simply “not belonging to a group of color.” Critical race theory was introduced in schools. So if you are white, then you are racist…period! Values such as the nuclear family, hard work and delay of gratification were deemed part of the systematic, white, racist culture. Statues were toppled, even of abolitionists. It seemed like the new narrative was promoting racism, not solving it. (Praise God, in Jesus Christ racism doesn’t exist and the Gospel is the solution to this and so many other problems in society.)

But no! The Narrative must be maintained at all costs. “America and Donald Trump are racists!” So an anarchist group named ANTIFA, which is supposed to be against Fascism began a campaign of violent protests. Ironically the group practices exactly the same things the Hitler Brown shirts did in Nazi Germany, such as shutting down free speech through intimidation and violence. They themselves imitate the very fascists they claim to be againsty by destroying private property, and attacking all people they deem as “fascists or racists.” So they began to infiltrate cities run by leftists mayors such as Seattle, Portland and Chicago where they could wage their campaign of violence without being disturbed. And the police, the very ones who protect us with their lives every day were targeted for harassment, hate, and even death!  The cry “defund the police!” was everywhere, and many of these cities did just that.

And so these cities controlled for decades by Democrats were allowed to become seething cauldrons of hate and chaos. These leftist mayors rejected federal intervention to restore order so they could continue to call all this created chaos “Trumps America, done under his watch.” 

And then another player entered the war against God’s Jehu. A true phrase that virtually no one of any race objects to, Black Lives Matter was hijacked and used as a Trojan horse to promote and project Marxism on the angry people that were protesting police brutality. The leaders of the movement even confessed that they were “trained Marxists” and “communicate with spirits” to receive their direction. They openly declared on their web site that they “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure” and that they are a “queer affirming network.”  And they have followed the Marx, Lenin and Alinsky Communist playbook to a tee, attempting to sow hatred and division among racial groups and economic classes through intimidation, rhetoric, and of course, violence.

I, as well as 99.99% of Americans do believe black lives matter, but I for one believe that all black lives matter, and wonder why the BLM group is silent regarding the hundreds of thousands of black babies aborted every year in the United States, or the dozens of black on black murders every week in Democrat controlled cities like Chicago, or the 28,000 black Nigerian Christians that have been massacred in the last two years by radical Islamic terrorists. Don’t those black lives matter? Why are they not even mentioned? Once again, the answer is easy…those cases don’t follow the Narrative. And this narrative has very little to do with saving black lives, but a whole lot to do with removing Donald Trump from the White House and introducing the ungodly policies of Marxism. Thank God for the millions of people of color that are seeing through this false movement and exposing it for the scam that it is.

And so, the Marxists, anarchists, and terrorists continue to wage their ideological and physical war against Trump, God’s modern Jehu.  Witches and warlocks continue to cast their spells outside the White House. Social media giants Facebook and YouTube continue to sensor and suppress free speech that doesn’t also agree with “the Narrative.”

And now we see some of the worst wildfires in history in the three, pacific states controlled by leftists and progressives.  These fires are also Trumps fault we are told, for not buying into climate change science.  Yes, “fossil fuels, plastic straws and farting cows must go!”, they tell us. As I write this, serious investigation is being done to investigate the possibility that many of these raging fires may have been started by the leftists and anarchists themselves to cause even more chaos leading up to the election.

As of this writing today, September 15th, we are just 48 days from the election.  The “new” Democrat party has stealthily placed a lifelong politician of almost 50 years as their candidate: Joe Biden.  This man is a shell of what he once was. He is a man with obvious mental decline that can’t seem to put a full coherent sentence together correctly. And he has named the senator with the most “progressive” voting record in all of congress as his VP pick! This senator could not garner even 4% of her own party’s vote when she ran for President a few months ago, and in the Democrat  primaries she came in fourth in her home state of California! She is not very well liked by the American people or even her own party.  Yet, incredibly, if Joe Biden wins the presidency as the oldest man ever to hold the position and somehow dies, resigns, or is deemed incompetent, this warrior of leftist socialism, Kamala Harris, in a nightmare scenario will become our un-elected president! (No one actually votes for the VP, just the head of the ticket). Some major manipulation had to take place for this to happen. Just yesterday Kamala accidentally made a slip and referred to the Harris administration.  She and her fellow leftists are so close to the White House they can almost taste it! And the “moderate” Biden? He would just be a puppet of the “new” Democrat party, which is now completely dominated by socialists. A puppet that is, until he is deemed “unable” to continue in office. Then he would be conveniently removed. Can anyone else see the Socialist/Marxist game plan at work here? 

And even now, democratic governors rush to forge their “pièce de resistance” by seeking to legalize mailing multiple millions of ballots to people that didn’t request them: people that in many cases cannot prove they are legal to vote. Folks who have been in the grave for years are being invited to vote. I just read yesterday that a family cat whose name somehow got on the mailing list and actually received a ballot! The mass mailing of presidential election ballots has never been done before in history because of the strong possibility of election fraud like ballot harvesting, double voting, and “losing” ballots that happen to come from counties that tend to vote conservative. But, the virus, you know! It’s all about the virus! You can protest by the thousands, go to the stores, restaurants, and parties, but if you go vote in person with an ID, even with your mouth muzzle wrapped around your face,  you still may get the “virus.” Seems like a full proof plan.  And more challenges are to come for sure as we near the election. We still have 48 days. 

I don’t know what is going to happen on November 3rd.  I will vote my conscience as a born again Christian and lover of my country. It’s a country where thousands of soldiers have suffered, bled, and died so that you and I could have freedom and not live in a place like the Hitler’s Third Reich, Stalin’s USSR, Kim’s North Korea, Castro’s Cuba, or the absolute misery of Venezuela; the once most prosperous country in Latin America that was completely devastated by Socialism.  The mouse in the trap doesn’t realize until it’s too late why the cheese was free.  And once Socialism takes root, it is dastardly hard to remove.  I have four dependent children. I think of their future. Can you understand my concern? You should be concerned too: concerned enough to pray and concerned enough to vote, a privilege that these countries ruled by totalitarianism do not have.

I don’t believe most Americans understand what is at stake in this soon coming election, but I hope by reading this you will have a little better understanding.  But there is one thing I do know.  Almighty God still reigns.  He has a plan.  Christians are on their knees again. Perhaps the time has finally come for “one world” and everything that means according to Bible prophecy.  Or maybe not quite yet.  But one thing is sure: if the Almighty and Sovereign God chooses to continue to strengthen, bless, and anoint this modern-day Jehu, no political party, leftist, terrorist, witch, warlock, or devil in hell will be able to stop him from being elected again.

3 thoughts on “Trump, the modern-day Jehu & “the Narrative”

  1. Shane, I love you brother. You are an anointed author who writes through clear spiritual lenses. You said it all. All was said. It is true. It is accurate. It is as solid as the Rock. I thank you for your heart and for not being a coward like so many Pastors today who feel they must tread lightly so as not to upset their constituency. Hummm, sounds political doesn’t it?
    As I read this this evening, I was constantly thinking, “Why can’t this be my/our Pastor?” I cant think of a reason to the contrary, can you?
    Thank you again so much, and may God’s blessing continue to drench you.
    We love you brother.


  2. U r 100% on my dear Nephew. I read every word and believe as u do. Your sermon is right on. Sept. 26th is prayer day for our nation. There is a group of us meeting in a home to join in the prayer for our Nation and our President. Sept. 26th, Noon at the White House. I love you dearly Shane Wilson. God is using u mightily.


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