Scientific Reasons why Darwinian Evolution cannot be true

by Rev. Shane Wilson

  1. Scientific Law of design– All designs must have a designer! Can you think of any painting, sculpture, machine or building that did not come from a personal intelligent being? Of course not!  There is no greater design that what we observe within a living cell.  One cell is more complicated than anything intelligent men have ever made and contains enough genetic information that, if it were written out on sheets of paper, could fill the Grand Canyon numerous times!  This logically COULD NOT have come from blind chance.   
  1. Scientific Law of Biogenesis– Living things can only come from living things.  Life has never, ever been observed to spring from non-living matter in spite of thousands of attempts in laboratories.  This is why we trust a jar of peanut butter to be safe and not contain deadly bacteria!
  1. Mutations never benefit an organism– Darwinian evolution is based and two impossible theories…

a. That genetic mutations cause an animal to be born with certain physical traits that give it an advantage over the general population of its species, and …

b. through “natural selection”, this advantage causes the animal to outlive the rest of the population and pass these “advantageous traits” on to its offspring, who pass them on, etc, etc.  These theories cannot be true because …

        1. Genetic mutations are an error in the DNA code and are always harmful to organisms, they never benefit them.      

2. Genetic mutations are rarely ever passed on to offspring since they are a variance of the “perfect code” found in the DNA.  Any genetic mutations are usually corrected and placed back to the original in just a few generations at the most. In other words, genetic information is not changed because of mutations and no permanent genetic change has ever been observed outside of a species.

  1. No added genetic information to the genome- All variation that can ever be observed within a living organism is derived from genetic information already contained in the genome, or DNA of the organism.  Information can be varied but it still comes from the already existing “code” found within the genome.  If Darwinian evolution were true, new information must be added to the genome in order for the process to take place.  Never yet has science observed this.  Genetic information is always derived from the already existing code, it is never “added” which would make evolution from one kind of animal to another an absolute impossibility.
  1. Lack of transitionary fossils -If evolution were true, Darwin admitted that there would have to be a huge number (millions) of fossils in transitionary stages between one species and another.  There would have to be myriads of missing links connecting one species to another since evolution teaches that all living things are interrelated.  Some examples could be animals evolving between deer/horses, lizards/birds, cats/rabbits, etc. How many are there?  NOT ONE!  All we observe in the fossil record are the same specific species alive today and extinct species, but never animals that are evolving between one species and another.
  1. Modern observance -We have never observed in recorded history any example of one species evolving into another.  Yes, fur color and beak sizes have been observed to “adapt to the environment,” but in the thousands of years of recordable human observation, apes are still apes, people are still people, frogs are still frogs, bacteria are still bacteria, so forth and so forth.
  1. Co-dependency within the organism and the need for fully developed body parts– Every animal or organism, just like a machine or car, is made up of completely dependent parts that all must function as a unit in order to make survival possible.  This proves that no animal could have come into existence through a slow process of evolution.  For example, which would have evolved first- the mouth, the stomach, or the need to eat?  There would be no time or margin of error for this “evolution” to take place.

Most of an animal’s body parts would be useless unless completely and fully developed and functional.  Imagine lungs or a heart that have not fully “evolved.”  Such underdeveloped organs would be useless and would be an absolute death sentence!  How about half a wing or an eye that is evolving but cannot see yet!  What would be the point?  It is apparent that all organisms and animals as well as people must have existed as perfectly functioning and completely developed entities from day one.  This would then imply…creation!

  1. Male-female sexual reproduction- This could never have come about by evolution.  Just think about it for a minute!  A male and a female are needed to reproduce.  When and how could this evolution take place?

“Proofs” of evolution?

These are the “proofs” that you will find in most secular science textbooks.

  1. Geologic column– The only place this exists is in textbooks.  The geologic column with its Cambrian, Jurassic, and Cretaceous layers does not exist as such anywhere in the world.  What you see in the books is simply made to look a way that is not observed anywhere. 
  2. Similar structures– These imply a common designer, not a common ancestor. 
  3. Similar DNA– A cloud, a jellyfish, and a watermelon are all 99% H2O.  Does this mean they are closely related? 
  4. Similarities among embryonic stages– These famous “drawings” by Freidrich Haeckel were proven to be altered and spurious years many ago.  Haeckel observed different animals in embryonic stages of development and “penciled in” and “altered” reality to try and dishonestly prove evolutionary theory. In spite of the evidence, some text books are still alluding to Haeckel’s fake drawings!
  5. Vestigial organs– A whale has a small pelvis proving that its ancestor used to walk? Ridiculous!  The appendix and tail bone are not vestigial (useless) remains of something else, they are needed and useful today. 
  6. Archaeopteryx, Lucy, and other “missing links”- Archaeopteryx is simply an extinct bird.  What does this prove?  The reptilian features are “penciled in” to make the animal look like what evolutionist wanted.  Lucy’s bones were “found” by a desperate paleontologist who had to make a major “discovery” fast or lose grant money. The bones were found scattered among a huge area and only 32% of the skeleton is intact, however museums that promote evolution all show a full standing human-like replica of Lucy complete with “human feet” even though no bones were found below the knee.  This is not science but purposeful indoctrination! Even some secular scientists have concluded that Lucy was simply a species of primate that still exists on earth today.  Most of the other “ape men” were proven to be hoaxes like Pilt-Down Man, Nebraska-Man, Peking-Man and Cro-Magnon Man.  The Neanderthal fossils were simply skeletons of large people with arthritis and other ailments.  
  7. Radio isometric and Carbon 14 dating methods– These methods are used to supposedly “prove” that a fossil is millions of years old.  The whole dating system is based on uniformity: the belief that atmospheric and chemical conditions have been constants for millions of years.  Any radical change in such conditions would throw off the system by potentially millions of years.  This is why volcanoes, floods, and other drastic geologic changes have produced material that dates millions or even billions of years old when we know in fact that they are not even hundreds of years old.  Because of these things, carbon and radio isometric dating systems are not accurate beyond a few thousand years. 

*Note- It is important to keep in mind that Creationists believe that God created and enabled living creatures to adapt to their environment in many cases.  This is most likely the best explanation for the black skin of Africans and the thick fur of Arctic animals. Darwin’s finches and their different sizes of beaks, which are supposedly one of the best examples of evolution that is offered, are simply demonstrations of this. But even in these cases such as Darwin’s finches, there is no change of genetic information and certainly no variation of a species.

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