21 Reasons

My voice is just one of the many millions of conservative Christians in this country.

So, let me be the first to say that if Joe Biden truly won this election, as much as we dislike it, we would recognize the will of the electoral college system and concede to him victory and even call him President Biden.  We would recognize him as the lawfully elected commander-in-chief of the United States of America. We would not protest, burn, or destroy absolutely anything. 

But despite the mainstream media narrative, I do not believe that Mr. Biden won the election.  I honestly believe that Donald Trump actually won, and by a lot.  I also believe the current evidence indicates that Communist China, the world elites, the deep state, and many within the Democrat political machine coordinated to commit the greatest fraud and theft in American history, maybe even in world history. More evidence of fraud is coming out daily, even by the hour, so this writing in no way represents the final case for a Trump victory, but I believe what you are about to read more than proves that powerful forces have worked together to attempt to steal the election of 2020.

In spite of these 21 reasons why the election was fraudulent, all we hear from the media and the Democrats is, “it’s over.  Our guy won.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.”

The absolute hypocrisy here is mind boggling.  Remember, these are the same people that assured us that Trump had colluded with Russia to win the last election.  And after almost three years, $48 million dollars spent of taxpayer money, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, and 500 official interviews, absolutely no proof was found of such collusion.  These are the same people that then began shouting “Impeach! Impeach!” over a simple, recorded phone call that resulted in nothing. And now they want us to “move on” in spite of the 21 points below?  Each these 21 carries more weight than the invented Russian collusion or impeachment accusations.

Honestly, if things were the other way around, and what you are about to read below favored a Trump reelection instead of Biden, do you actually believe for one minute that the Democrats and the Left would be ok with it?  Methinks not.  Not only would they be screaming “fraud!” at the top of their lungs, but they would also be protesting, burning, and destroying in a way that would make the George Floyd protests look tame.

The Democrats remind me of an NFL team that knows they “got away with one” on a bad call from the referee.  The team hurries to the line of scrimmage to snap the ball before the opposing coach can throw the red challenge flag. Hurry, hurry!  Call Biden the winner before anyone realizes what really happened!  This is what happens when the media, academia, and entertainment are all in the hands of the ungodly left.

The following reasons cited below indicate that fraud took place and have recently come to light. In my opinion however, it is not the first 20 or so points, as true as they may be, that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this election was stolen.  It is the last one, number 21, that is crystal clear and proves that it is simply a mathematical impossibility that Biden won this election and that the Democrats are trying to pull off the greatest heist of all time. Reason 21 perhaps cannot even be used in court, but it does shed light on and support the other 20, and they can indeed be used.

Even though these reasons are valid, they are not all needed.  But they do support the case of coordinated fraud in the 2020 election.  Here they are…

1. It starts back almost a year ago. I, along with who knows how many millions more, firmly believe that the C_r_n_v_r_s itself was a weaponized attack sent from Communist China to destroy the US economy.  No incumbent had ever lost while presiding over a booming economy, and Trump’s policies produced the best economy ever.  It is not a coincidence that the v_r_u_ came just in time into the election year to cause the fear, devastation and lockdowns needed to create the narrative and confusion needed to obtain the desired result. And let’s not forget another thing that came from the “plandemic,” namely the massive “mail in ballot” system that could be easily manipulated. Ballots were mailed by the millions to people that didn’t even solicit them. People that had been dead for 20 years and even some pets received ballots. Mail-in ballots are extremely difficult to verify and once they are separated from the envelope, there is no way to prove their validity. A genius plan…evil genius.

2. The mainstream media and big tech are in on the theft of the 2020 election. From the constant, non-stop attacks against President Trump, to controlling the C_r_n_v_r_s narrative, to the fake polling numbers, to ignoring a seemingly valid rape accusation against Biden, to covering for son Hunter’s incriminating laptop, these giants have done everything in their power to sway the thinking of the American people.  And the goal of this group think, “sheeple” control?  There are many reasons, but the first in line is to “get Trump out of the way” by voting him out.  And he was in their way.  As the President has so often said: “They’re not after me, they’re after you.  I’m just in their way!”

3. Democrats created very lax voter registration laws in many swing states, making it extremely easy for non-citizens to vote.  In many cases, no valid ID is required, even though it is required for almost everything else in life.  Make no mistake about it: This system was engineered by the Democrat political machine. No other country in the world conducts elections in this way which opens the door for non-citizens to vote.

4. The Dominion voting machines used in 29 states very likely changed results and tallies.  By how much is anyone’s guess, but it could be in the hundreds of thousands as well. There are many eyewitnesses to this and sworn affidavits and I believe the iron-clad proof is forthcoming. Many of these machines were seen connected to the internet, opening the possibility to hacking and manipulation. It has been shown that they can be programmed and altered with simply the insertion of a media card in a matter of minutes. In fact, all the machines rely on these media cards, and some cards that contained a majority of Trump votes were “lost.” Amazingly, some have been found again.

These suspect machines also used the “Smartmatic” program/system to tally the ballots, a system that was actually designed for the fixed elections in Chavez and Maduro’s Socialist Venezuela!  You can’t make this stuff up! Even though it may be difficult to prove how many votes were changed by these machines, it is impossible to prove that they did not do just that!  So, the bottom line is that we should never, ever rely on machines to count votes.  Machines can be manipulated, programmed, and hacked to achieve a desired result and so the game becomes one of tech and cyber war, not an honest election.  Joseph Stalin was correct when he stated, “It’s not who casts the votes, but who counts them that matters.” It may take longer, but votes should be counted by hand, several times, in the presence of at least 3 witnesses from both parties to confirm every single one.  This is the only way the election can stay legitimate.

5. Donald Trump was leading in almost every swing state on election night until about 1 am when counting suddenly and mysteriously stopped.  A few hours later hundreds of thousands of “Biden only” ballots showed up by the truckload to the corrupt Democrat strongholds of Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Atlanta. There are sworn affidavits that will attest to this. Trump was winning by over 700,000 votes at midnight with over 83% in but ended up “losing” by 60,000. The remaining 17% were almost totally for Biden. What are the odds of this happening? Is it just me, or is this one fact alone enough to call the whole election into question?

6. Republican poll watchers were forced to leave many of the vote counting poll stations.  They were thrown out and even police were called. After they left, windows were covered so no one could observe the counting process.

7. Dead people voted by the thousands, curiously, almost all for Biden. Many testify to seeing Biden-only ballots counted numerous times. One vote counted for eight, or more in some cases.

8. Many ballots marked for Trump were found separated and in the trash. Smart cheaters disposed of them in a “better” way where they could not be found.  So, it is safe to say that for every Trump ballot found in the trash, many more were “properly” disposed of.

9. There were more ballots received than registered voters in many Democrat counties, such as Wayne county where Detroit is located. Wow.  What more proof do you need of this systematic effort to steal the election?

10. There are sworn affidavits of other truck drivers testifying that they transported thousands of Biden-only ballots over state lines. One testifies that he drove them from New York state to Pennsylvania.

11. Many people voted across state lines illegally as well as cases where no valid address was provided.  Once again, in almost every one of these cases, the vote was for; guess who? Yes, Joe Biden.

12. Many Republican voters were turned away, being told that they had already voted. Others in Republican areas of Arizona were given Sharpies to mark their ballots, knowing that the machines would not recognize that kind of ink. These cases may have resulted in minor changes in the result, but they prove that a coordinated effort was made to influence an election that many believed could come down to a difference of mere decimal points.  I often wonder, why is it never the other way around?  Why is it that it is never Democrat voters that attest to these things?  The reason is conservatives have too much integrity to do such a thing.  We don’t want to win by cheating. 

13. Others testify that they were instructed to “backdate” ballots that had clearly come in after the cutoff so that they could be counted. If fact, Democrats in Pennsylvania changed the state election laws to allow for un-solicited mail in ballots and backdating.  The law of PA requires there to be two sessions of the state legislature in order to change any law.  This was not done in accordance to the state constitution, therefore the entire election result in Pennsylvania is in question.

14. No one argues that a majority of the mail in ballots are usually for Democrats by a reasonable margin. In this election, just .2% of 1% (2 in a thousand) of mail in ballots were rejected in this election, compared to 6.4% the last election. I wonder why?

Now for some statistical anomalies.  This is where it gets really interesting…

15. The Primary vote is an indication of party unity and enthusiasm for a candidate. Biden received a record low share of the Democrat primary vote.  No candidate has ever won while receiving such a low primary vote percentage.

16. Trump received a record high 94% of the Republican Primary vote share percentage.  No incumbent had ever lost in history while receiving anything over 75%.

17. No incumbent president has ever lost while receiving more votes than the previous election.  Even in the fixed system, Trump had over 11 million votes than last time. 

18. Biden, a candidate that could not get more than a couple dozen people at his “rallies,” received 15 million more votes than Obama in 2012!  Not bad for a 47-year lifelong politician that almost no voter was enthusiastic about! Gosh, where did all those “votes” come from?

19. Bellwether counties are United States counties that correctly choose the presidential winner every year because these counties reflect the US populace in general.  There are 19 of these counties that have voted for every presidential election winner during the last 40 years.  In this election, Trump won 18 of the 19 bellwether counties, losing only one by a couple percentage points.  His margin of victory was even more in the other 18 when compared to the 2016 election. Yes, things are getting very fishy here!

Now for the inescapable proof that I mentioned. Maybe some of the above points can be contested and argued, but the final two points you will read below is undeniable fact and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that malevolent forces coordinated to steal this election from Donald Trump.

20. Biden won despite Democrat losses everywhere else. Democrats lost multiple seats in the House of Representatives and even more in the state Representative races, even though they “won” the presidency.  Trump is the only president in history to “lose” while his party gained seats in the house at the same time. This has never happened in history.  27 of those seats were considered “toss ups” before the election.  Republicans won all 27. Republicans also kept the Senate.  In this election, more than any other in history, people voted down party lines I believe at a rate of over 90%. So Trump losing is a statistical impossibility.  Many sworn eyewitnesses testify to seeing hundreds of thousands of ballots in the early morning hours suddenly appearing and marked for Biden only, with no other candidate, race or official even selected!  (It’s a lot faster to check one box than 17, especially when you only have a few hours to do it!  This explains everything!)

And here comes the biggie…

21. Barak Obama in 2012 won 5 times more counties than Biden did in 2020. Overall, Trump received a much greater percentage of the Black and Hispanic vote than in 2016.  The Black and Hispanic vote is uniform across the country. This is why Biden underperformed “loser” Hillary Clinton in EVERY Democrat, urban county in the United States except in the counties of the all-important big cities of the 4 main swing states.  I’m talking about the known politically corrupt cities of Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia & Atlanta. Mmm…What a coincidence!  Actually, it is not a coincidence as history and mathematics deem such a result as an absolute impossibility. It was fraud, plain and clear.

So, the plan was to find, manufacture, and produce enough votes in just these four cities in order to tilt the whole state in Biden’s favor.  This explains how just enough votes were produced in the early morning hours to overcome Trumps seemingly insurmountable lead in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia. If Trump wins these four states, it is GAME OVER, and the cheaters knew this. In this knowledge they hatched their malevolent plan.

I love the truth and I love my country too much to not join the many millions of voices that are beginning to speak up. 

So, what is next?  Only God  knows, but I believe if the cases make it to the Supreme Court, the five true, Constitutionalist judges will have the integrity to rule that the election was not conducted in a manner where a true winner could be declared. 

Please note, I am not wanting the Supreme Court to give the election to Trump! I want them to order a re-vote in those four, five, or six swing states that will determine the outcome of the entire election.  It should be a re-vote where no counting machines are used and both sides have a right to count and verify each vote in person.  They should take special care that only legal citizens can vote by verifying ID’s. This strict system may take a while, but at least we will know who truly won the election. 

With all the controversy and allegations, shouldn’t Democrats also desire a re-election in the swing states?  After all, if they really won, wouldn’t they just win again and therefore put to rest forever all controversy?  Do they really want to “win” this way?

Sadly, I believe the Leftist wing of the democrat party would rather start a civil war than conduct an election in this open, transparent way. Why? Because the result would be such a resounding victory for Donald Trump, thus clearly exposing the lies, corruption, theft and treason that was committed. And I fear that unless a re-election is done with some foolproof security measures, free and fair elections will be gone…forever, and with that, our great Republic as well.

I will continue to pray for our nation.  I will pray for our children’s future.  My prayer is simply, “Lord, let everything that was done in the darkness be exposed in the light.  I pray that whoever truly won this election may be our president.”  Will you join me in this prayer? 

I really mean it when I say, “whoever truly won, let him be president.”  (But I think we both know who really won right?)

It is in Almighty God’s hands, the one who sets up and removes kings. I look at it as a win/win.  If Trump ends up winning, I rejoice that we will have a man in the White House for 4 more years who protects the unborn and our precious freedoms of speech, religion, right to bear arms, and assembly. He will continue to stand with Israel and against Marxism and globalism.  His economic policies will continue to bring jobs, prosperity, and surplus.  He will continue to keep America out of needless wars and keep Iran, and North Korea tame.  Prayer and Godly counselors will continue to be a part of his administration. And not to mention; Mike Pence, the most Godly, Christian politician we have had, maybe ever.

If Trump’s efforts to prove election fraud are ultimately unsuccessful, and the ungodly agenda of the Left begins to reign, I will lift up my head and long for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ for His people as never before.  “Christian America” will be gone.  Get ready for Socialism.  Prepare for a loss of religious liberty and even persecution.  Get ready for the radical “in your face” agenda of LGBTQ and many other things that will make people ask, “Is this really the USA?”

I haven’t given up because I know that God with just one word can put Trump back in the presidency if He so desires. But I am reminded that our Lord told us that “His Kingdom is not of this world.” If God in His sovereignty allows the ungodly to prevail in this election, we Christians may just end up being a little more heavenly minded.  The church would be purified as never before.  Maybe even a great revival will come as light shines even brighter in the darkness.  Yes indeed, it’s a win/win.

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