After 1 year, let’s answer the questions most are afraid to ask…

Today is March 15, 2021. It has been about a year since our world completely changed and over four months since the “election.”  I purposely have not written much in the last few months regarding current events, desiring to see how things may play out. 

This may be my last post regarding these issues, but I would like to speak one more time about the most devastating year most of us have ever seen in our lifetime as we pass the one-year anniversary of what can only be called 12 months of complete confusion and chaos.

Many people are still seeking answers and others simply seek a voice to articulate what their own eyes and logic have been telling them. This is the purpose of my post.  A biblical perspective is needed in the midst of the sea of confusion.  We need a bird’s eye view, not a worm’s eye view.

So many have been asking, “why?” including myself.  God is helping me to understand a few things.  I would like to share them with you.

I am privileged to serve God as pastor of a wonderful congregation of hispanoamericanos. 2020 was the best year ever for our church!  We continue to grow in numbers and in spiritual maturity.  Many people are coming to Christ, including young people! New ministries have begun. The year of chaos has been the best year in my 21 years of full-time ministry.  For this I praise God! I needed to say that before I go any further. 2020 hasn’t been all bad!

I love people of all ethnicities, and I love my country, the United States of America.  But I am deeply grieved to see how it is being systematically destroyed by the ungodly agenda of leftist socialism. 

Before I begin with the details, many of which I am sure you may already be aware of, I would like to share a special verse from God’s Word. No matter the situation during the last year, this short passage has brought peace and comfort to my sometimes-troubled mind. It is the simple, small phrase that the Lord Jesus spoke during his mock trial before Pontius Pilate. He calmly stated:

“My kingdom is not of this world.  If my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight…” John 18:36

These words are my refuge when I ask God how He could allow…

…a weaponized virus to cause mass hysteria, leading to the loss of personal freedoms and thought control upon the masses and then a stolen election by a political party that can only be classified as “against every precept of biblical morality.”

“God, why did this happen?  How could You let it happen?” has been my prayer at times.  I wish I had all the answers, but I do know this: infallible Bible prophecy tells us that these things, and even worse will come upon the Earth in the latter days.  And as much as the events of 2020 may have grieved us Bible believing Christians, why should we be surprised?  After all, we are not called to make the world a “better place.”  We are called to preach Christ’s Gospel to the lost, make disciples, and prepare for eternity because, once again…

“His Kingdom is not of this world.”

But I was not expecting these things so soon.  Were you?  Yes, we have learned much during this last year.  We have learned that…

An engineered virus can be weaponized and used to give government complete control over the masses through fear and intimidation.  Yes, make no mistake about it, this was indeed a “plandemic.”  It is not a coincidence that in the year of the election, this evil plague was unleashed upon the unsuspecting world. To consolidate power and remove the obstacles were the goals.

The Plan: The president of the most powerful nation on Earth, that had stubbornly stood against the one world system and against “socialist group think” had to be removed by any means whatsoever.  The worldwide socialist agenda could not be accomplished with this man as the head of the USA.  He simply could not win office again and delay the plan for another four years.

He was hated with a passion.  Hated for many reasons, but mainly for this one…he simply could not be CONTROLLED. He strongly supported the sanctity of life, the freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, small government, free enterprise, and lower taxes. He stood with Israel as no other president in history.  Terrorism was squashed.  The border was secured.

This maverick of a man was clearly headed to victory again because of the booming economy that his policies had created.  Unemployment was at record lows.  China, Iran, and North Korea held in check. Gas prices down.  The US was, for the first time in many decades, completely energy independent. He indeed was making America great again and his America first policies were a thorn in the side of the global elites.  Something had to be done, and what you are about to read is exactly what happened. This is what “they” (the sometimes hidden global elites) did to remove the man that was hindering their master plan of global socialism and tyranny. Remember, it isn’t a conspiracy theory…if its true.

After four years of constant accusations, attacks, and bashing of the president from the mainstream media, Hollywood, Academia, and especially Big Tech, it was time to “release the Kraken.”   

And here was the Plan, step by step. 

Enter Covid-19. 

Now give the orders! First, timely release it from the laboratory to begin its work of evil. Pump the numbers, exaggerate the deaths.  Tell people millions in the US could die! Cause mass fear and hysteria.  Lock down the country and even the world.  Kill the economy.  Make unemployment soar.  Close places of worship. Blame the President for the deaths and the economic downfall.  Control the narrative through everything that appears on a screen, from TV’s to cell phones. Control the mainstream media and social media especially. 

Downplay any possible easy cures for the virus even though hundreds of doctors swear to it. Sponsor studies to support “the Narrative” and make people believe there is no ready cure available. Censor and cancel anyone who does not go along with the constantly changing “science.”

Then, fabricate hate.  This is phase 2. Cause race riots.  Make everything about race. Create division among the classes just like Marx and Lenin taught their followers. Destroy, loot, and burn cities.  Threaten and intimidate. Take a true phrase such as “Black lives matter” and then attach it to a Marxist agenda.  Repeat the manthra that law enforcement is evil, and then blame the president some more, and then more!

Time for phase 3. Illegally change voting laws in critical swing states. Use “the virus” as an excuse to bypass state legislatures. Give governors almost absolute power.

Then, send out unsolicited blank ballots by the millions because of “the virus.” If anyone questions this shout them down and call them a bad person!

Now it’s time to get the software ready to do its thing on the Dominion voting machines.

Ignore the evidence of Biden’s illegal financial liaisons with China and Ukraine through his son Hunter’s unqualified positions on powerful corporate boards in those countries.  And…keep Hunter’s incriminating laptop locked up tight with the FBI!  Yes, they can accuse and impeach the president with no evidence whatsoever for four years but any evidence against their cause must be suppressed. The hypocrisy is here is mind boggling.

Then, just as suspected, on the night of the election, with the “enemy” candidate clearly on his way to another clear victory, suddenly stop ballot counting at midnight. Figure out how many more hundreds of thousands of “votes” need to be “found.” Restart the counting in the wee hours of the morning with these hundreds of thousands of “mail-in ballots” pouring in almost totally for just their puppet candidate: ballots with no crease (indicating they were never mailed in an envelope) and no other box checked for any other government races, just the box that says “Biden”-  A guy so unpopular that just a few dozen people would come to his rallies to hear him struggle to put together a coherent sentence.  This man somehow got more votes than any other candidate in American history.

Phase 4. Then, coordinate an especially important part of the plan. Make sure these “votes” are coming in from all the right places.  No need to win even a majority of the counties in the four crucial swing states that will determine the election. No, there could be too much openness there to execute the plan successfully. In reality, the ingenious plan requires just four cities to give them victory in the 4 states and chalk up all those electoral points to secure “an electoral victory.”  Yes, the notoriously corrupt and democrat-controlled cities of Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Philly are all they need to swing the entire national election in their favor.

Now, it’s time for the “never minds.”

Never mind that in some places, like Wayne County, Michigan where Detroit is, there were more votes than registered voters.  How can this be?  The question has never been answered and is not even being allowed to be asked. In fact, all of the following “never minds” will be left to posterity to answer and those that write the history books.

Never mind that in the all-important swing state of Pennsylvania over 800 thousand mail-in ballots could not be traced back to a single signature or legal voter.

Never mind that windows were covered, and observers thrown out of the polling stations after midnight so the count could commence again without interference. 

Never mind those large, plastic cases in Atlanta that were pulled out from under tables after a “water pipe burst” (was actually a leaky toilet) and the poll watchers were thrown out. This was caught on video, but we were told to disregard what our own eyes were seeing. And this in a state that was determined by a razor thin margin. Number of ballots in the cases: at least 28,000. Margin of victory: 12,000. Just enough.

No, never mind.  No time for that.  There was just enough time to reprogram and manipulate the numbers of the Dominion voting machines with the same Smartmatic software used in Socialist Venezuela’s “elections.” Not enough time?  Don’t worry, counting was delayed in some cases, for days to count just 1% of the vote, or at least until the desired result was obtained.

And never mind the sworn testimonies that Dominion machine vote numbers were changed by foreign entities from their “servers” in Europe.  But, never mind that.  The election was fair and there was no fraud they say.  Why?  Well, because they said so. That’s why.

And after election night…

Never mind the mail in ballot rejection rate of .8 of one percent compared to six percent in 2016. Why the great difference?  That is almost eight times less.  Seeing that a majority of the mail-in vote always favors the democrats, if the rejection rate was the same as 2016, the entire vote count would have been different in every state, especially the swing states and the result of the election would have been different.

Never mind the thousands of dead voters, out of state voters, underage voters, and double voters that were clearly and indisputably discovered in all the swing states, but especially in Arizona.  In almost each case, the election result would have turned out different if these illegal votes were discarded!

And of course, never mind the 900+ sworn affidavits testifying to eyewitness accounts of clear cheating and election fraud on the night of November 3rd and early morning hours of the 4th. 

Yes, Joe Stalin’s words ring true… “It’s not who gets the most votes, but who counts the votes that matters.”

Can you imagine if things were reversed, and it was the “other guy” that benefitted from all the above-mentioned allegations to win the election?  What would happen?  Would we hear “Move on folks, nothing to see here,” or would cities burn, and people die?  I think you know the answer to that question as well as me.

We could have expected this kind of steal in a banana republic, but not in the United States of America.

Continuing with the Master Plan… 

Next, it’s time to gaslight.  (Make someone believe what they are seeing is not true and they are the crazy ones for seeing or believing it)

Let the media shout and declare constantly that their candidate “won” each and every one of those swing states so frequently that the sheeple will have to believe it.  Make them think YOU are the crazy one if you believe otherwise.  This is historically a proven tactic that has worked well for totalitarian regimes like the Bolsheviks and the Nazis. Why let a good tactic go to waste? Wasn’t it Joseph Goebbels who declared, “Repeat a lie long enough, and loud enough, and it becomes truth?”

Now, how to combat the evidence of fraud.   

First, completely disregard the statistical impossibilities, the algorithms, and the election laws illegally changed against the state constitutions. 

Never mind that the “enemy” improved his numbers from 2016 among black and Hispanic voters in every county in the USA EXCEPT in those four cities that won the entire state’s electoral points, giving the election to the democrats. 

Never mind the puppet candidate won five times less counties than Obama in 2012 but still managed to have 15 million more votes than him. Impossible.

Ignore the 18 of 19 Bellwether counties that had chosen the presidential election correctly for the last 40 years and that clearly voted against the puppet and for “the enemy.” 

And definitely don’t mention the fact that democrats lost every one of the 18 toss up seats in the House of Representatives on election night but still managed to “win” the presidential election, something that had never happened in history.

And finally, considering all these statistics and the election night algorithms, downplay the independent mathematicians’ calculations of giving the “puppet” a 1 in 30 million chance of winning.   


Censor and control public information some more.  Cancel and “fact check” anyone that dares to bring to light any information that does not agree with “the Narrative.” Let the foxes be in charge of the hen house!

Now it’s time to let the state courts and even the Supreme Court know that cities will burn and people could die if they choose to even hear any evidence that might be presented against the Narrative. 

And finally, when this evidence is at last presented at the Capitol on January 6th certification day, create a “right wing, racist mob riot” with your own actors the very moment that the evidence is finally being presented!  Oh yes, and make sure the doors are left wide open in one of the most secure buildings in the world during a session of Congress!  How else will the paid ANTIFA actors be able to get in with their MAGA gear?

Then, of course, make sure you blame the president for causing the riot and accuse him of “insurrection” so he will not be able to run again in the next election. Yes, impeach him again with no evidence! And…never mind that his speech was still going on when the attack began at the Capitol. Never mind that it is illogical to think that inciting a riot in the Capitol the very moment the evidence was being brought forth would in any way help his cause! 

Really, what did this “right wing mob” hope to accomplish?  Rioting is the tactic of the Leftist Socialists, not the people that support law and order!

Continuing on. The never minds just don’t seem to end.

Never mind that there was nothing in his speech that encouraged the rioting.  No sound bites on the news, just accusations.  And especially ignore the fact that after the attack started, he told his supporters to be peaceful and to go home. No!  Cancel his Twitter account right now!  This information does not play into their fabricated reality!

And finally, for the final order in the aftermath, restrict or cancel anyone’s social media accounts that would dare to disagree with “the Narrative.” Big Tech and Social Media have now proven that the days of your free speech are truly over.  You are free, but only free to repeat what they tell you is true. Everyone is afraid of “being cancelled,” or called a “white supremist,” or even losing their job because they dared to question what their own eyes told them was really happening.

I, for one, did not “drink the cool-aid.”  I hope you did not either.

I believe the scenario I am relating here is absolutely true, but you will have to come to your own conclusions.  I would only ask you to pray, be objective, and listen to both sides. Interesting, we “Conservative Constitutionalists” are the only ones willing to look at both sides.  The ones controlling the Socialist “group think” cannot ever allow that.  No, the sheeple must be controlled! You are only allowed to consider their side!  It is true because they say it is, and woe unto you if you even think overwise! Two plus two is five because they say it is!  The sky is green because they say it is!

Yes, I was deeply troubled, saddened, and angered that the above scenario played out.  The Leftist master plan worked to a tee. Now we have avowed socialists deciding what is best for America.  We know how the socialist experiment has worked the 30+ times it has been tried. Always ends in poverty, misery, and the loss of personal freedoms. This is not the America that I had imagined for my children, or yours.

And as predicted, just in the last two months since the marionette man was officially declared president…

Murder though abortion has been promoted, sponsored, and is now paid for by your tax dollars. A plan to make it federal law up to nine months in every state is in place.

A bill is being introduced to Congress eliminating the filibuster and the electoral college. The bill deemed H-1 would also completely do away with voter ID requirements and seeks to make Washington DC and Puerto Rico States, thereby adding four more democrat senators to the mix. Undocumented people will be counted in census, thereby rearranging House of Representative electoral points in favor of the democrats. Basically, if they succeed in doing these things, Conservatives will never win another election and the tyranny will be unrestricted.

The “Equality Act” is also being rammed through Congress which seeks to force you and I to pretend a boy is a girl and a girl is a boy.  Women athletes are now forced to compete against biological men, and even dress and shower with them in the same locker room.

And this is just the beginning. Churches and pastors could be fined and silenced for preaching Biblical truth regarding marriage and human sexuality.  Yes, cancelled and castigated for simply declaring what every major religion has taught since history was recorded. This is exactly where the so-called oxymoron “Equality Act” leads.

Taxes are about to rise substantially.  China once again has been appeased and tariffs removed.  American jobs will be lost again. The dangerous national debt has been increased by another 2 trillion as the stimulus package goes to foreign entities and to bail out failed democrat cities destroyed by socialist policies. Gas prices are soaring, as the US is once again dependent upon foreign oil as the Pipelines are shut down and fracking cancelled.

I am missing “the other guy” right now.  How about you?  We may be missing him more as time passes.

And all this is just the beginning.

So, I return to my original question. 

Almighty God, why did you allow this?  So much effort and prayer went into this election! If the man that stands against our precious liberties guaranteed by the Constitution, and for the evils of abortion, socialism, one world, and a myriad of other nefarious things would have truly won the election, I would accept it.  Yes, you heard that right.  I support our electoral college system, even though my candidate may not win.  If Biden truly won the election, I would sadly say, “I’m disappointed, but this is what America voted for, and I accept the results.”  But the thing that gets me is…he did not win!  The truth be known, the guy that stood for our liberties, life, free enterprise and all the right things won, and by a lot. 

So, God…why?

I can’t say I have all the answers, but one thing I do know:

“My kingdom is not of this world.”

Perhaps election laws will somehow get straightened out somehow and a fool proof system of video recorded hand counting, eyewitness verification, and voter ID will miraculously come into place.

Maybe the many among the deceived masses will begin to truly see the level of mental manipulation they have been victim to and choose to turn to the path of freedom and prosperity.

Maybe 2024 will be different and we will later understand that God allowed 2020 to happen so a greater good may come.  There is only One who knows. If this happens, praise God!    But if it doesn’t and the mass deception and manipulation continue, my refuge will be…

“My kingdom is not of this world.”

Are we entering the days prophesied by Holy Writ when Global government will usher in the Antichrist system?  Maybe, but whatever happens, I know I am a citizen of Christ’s kingdom, a heavenly, eternal kingdom, where corruption and lies will never enter. If you truly belong to Him, then you too are a citizen of this eternal Paradise!  Yes, we are “strangers and pilgrims in this Earth,” seeking a “city whose builder and maker is God.”  We are marching towards a “better country,” that is a “heavenly one!” Hebrews 11:10-16

It is saddening that the Godly foundations of the greatest nation in Earth’s history are now almost completely destroyed, and if my hope were only on this Earth I would be devastated.  But I am not without hope because I confess and understand that the United States of America, as much as I love her,  is NOT the kingdom of God.

Actually, I am rejoicing because prophetic signs are being fulfilled.  His Glorious Coming is imminent. The last trump (no pun intended) is about to sound, and before His dreadful throne of eternal judgment all false narratives, gas-lighting, group think, and cancel culture will be meaningless.  His truth alone will prevail in that great day, and forever and ever.

But for now, it appears that we very well could be in the beginning stages of Revelation 13, when the great serpent’s lies are allowed to prevail. Let us remember, this world is not heaven, and never will be. Those that belong to Christ are looking forward to something “out of this world!”

My prayer is, that in the midst of all the darkness, deception, and insanity, the Lord would help us to remember one thing.  Yes, even if things get worse, Jesus, help us to rejoice, and to always remember that…

“Your kingdom is not of this world!”  

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