“The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looks well to his going.”  Prov. 14:15

It is not that I’m telling you to not get “the vaccine.”  I just want you to think about a few things so that you can make a well-informed decision.  As always, it is necessary to look at both sides of an issue. This is what the above verse from God’s Holy Word instructs us to do.

I have made my decision based on what follows. Please consider carefully with prayer what you are about to read.  No matter what decision you make, you will be my friend, but as a pastor, part of my job is to watch, care, and warn.  Believe me when I say that I have no other motive than your health and well-being. If you have already been vaccinated, I only wish you the best and hope that my concerns turn out to be without merit.

But, if you haven´t “got it” yet, before you go to your local health center and roll up your sleeve, please consider that…

  1. The SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is not a vaccine in the sense that we are used to. 

I am not “anti-vaccine” and recognize much of the good that has been accomplished by them.  Polio, smallpox, and other scourges have been greatly reduced or almost eliminated.  These vaccines used a dead or debilitated version of a virus or bacteria to accomplish their goals.  But the Covid vaccine does not do this.  It is a completely new technology that uses messenger RNA to manipulate the genome to do its bidding.  This mRNA sends a code to your cells, instructing them to produce the spike proteins of the actual coronavirus!  After this is accomplished, your immune system begins to identify and neutralize these “spikes” of the virus, thereby creating an immunity to them, so that when the real virus invades, it will not be able to attach to or infect the cells. So let’s be clear, the vaccine is NOT a form of the virus or even the spikes, it is a genetic code that commands your cells to produce the spike proteins that comprise the SARS-Cov2 virus. It is basically telling your immune system to create the very thing it is going to fight against. Something just doesn’t seem right about that. It indeed may protect you from Covid, but what could the long term side effects be?  Answer…

2. Nobody knows the long-term effects of this new technology.

There is a reason that federal law has always required six or seven years of testing before any new vaccine or medicine can legally be released to the public. The reason is to know what the long-term effect might be.  Many medicines never make it to the public because they do not pass the test and are determined to be dangerous to health.  And even many that do pass the years long test are recalled because it is determined that they cause harm.  (Taken any Zantac lately?) How many times have you seen a commercial on TV announcing, “Have you taken ________?  You may be entitled to a class action lawsuit!”  If this happens even with the medicines that have been tested, what about the Covid vaccine that was not?  Remember, WE ARE THE EXPERIMENT!  Yes, you and I are the proverbial guinea pigs. Even as I write these words, the distribution of one of the vaccines made by Johnson & Johnson has already been abruptly stopped because of severe side effects in just the first few days.  One can only wonder what the long-term effects will be with this new genome manipulation technology.

3. Many doctors and scientists have warned against the possible long-term effects of the Covid vaccine.

Of course, I am not a doctor or scientist, but I am aware of the fact that some scientists and  many respected health professionals have gone on record to warn the populace of the possible dangers of the m-RNA technology. Since this technology is in itself a genome that is programed to manipulate the “master code,” one can only wonder what the long-term effects may be. The warning they are giving is that the vaccine may cause auto immune diseases, and some have expressed concern about infertility in young people. For this reason, many physicians, scientists, and health care professionals have stated they will not take the vaccine. Of course, their voice is squelched, and “Big Tech” does its job of censoring anything that does not go along with the Narrative.  Sadly, the days of free speech in the United States are over.  If you look for a video of a professional opinion against the vaccine on Google or YouTube, you may find a few new ones that have not been removed yet, but you may want to record them with your phone before they are censored or cancelled. 

4. If something does go wrong, you will never be able to sue the companies that made the vaccine.

Many do not realize that Big Pharma and those responsible for the development and distribution of the vaccine have protected themselves and covered their tracks.  Self interest laws have been secretly passed prohibiting anyone from bringing legal action or receiving compensation in case things go south.  I have to wonder, if they are so sure the vaccine will do no harm, why were these protection measures secured?

5. If you are relatively healthy and under the age of 55, there is a 99.99% chance that you will survive a Covid infection.

Covid is indeed a serious disease, especially for the elderly or those with advanced health problems.  I half understand why these people would opt to receive the SARS-Cov2 vaccine. The benefit may outweigh the risk.  But for the rest of the population, which is the great majority, I have to ask myself, why would they take that leap in the dark for a disease that has a 99.99% survival rate?  I freely admit, it could be that the vaccine will be proven to be relatively harmless in the years to come.  But, then again…we don’t know that! If you knew there was only a one percent chance that a plane was going to crash, would you board that plane?  Of course not!  So, what is the risk percentage that the mRNA vaccine may “crash?”  Well, no one knows, but I guarantee you it is supremely higher than .001%, which is the probability that you will die of a Covid infection if you are fairly healthy and under the age of 55.

6. Nothing will give you better immunity than actually having had the virus itself.

Almighty God, in His great wisdom, designed our bodies with a marvelous defense mechanism.  So, if you have already had Covid, your body has acquired the antibodies to protect yourself from the virus in the future.  It is true, we do not know how long this immunity will last, but so far, after a year and a half, we have NOT heard about many cases of re-infection, thereby indicating that the immunity appears to be somewhat permanent.  And if per chance the natural immunity is temporary, so will be the immunity from the vaccine, since there is no better protection than the one that God made us with. We must wonder why the “experts” at the top still recommend masks and social distancing even after being fully vaccinated?  Do they know something we do not?  I, for one, have had Covid, and now have natural immunity to it.  Maybe you have had it as well.  I would therefore not even consider getting the vaccine until it has been conclusively proven that a reinfection may occur.  And even then, I believe I would rather take my chances with a virus I have already proven that I can overcome, than put an unknown substance in my body that very well may cause long term damage.  My body, my choice, right? You too, have a choice.  The vaccine is not mandatory…yet.

7. Consider this whole thing from its dark, nefarious beginnings.

Let’s go back in time a bit to that moment when “the Virus” began to wreak its havoc. I scratch my head as to why so few people or mainstream media sources even ask the question, “why did the virus happen?”  I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt, and even a great majority of people in our world believe that SARS-Cov2 was created, manipulated, and released on purpose to accomplish a dark objective.  We can argue about who did it, but the fact remains that it was done on purpose!  This leads us to ask, why?  Could one reason be to begin a system of worldwide control through a vaccine? This is what we are starting to see.  Even now, vaccine passports are being discussed and just recently some countries such as Israel will only allow visitors within their borders if they can show proof of vaccination.  Could it also be that the objective is to put something in your body that will eventually cause you harm in the future, thereby causing you to be even more dependent on Big Government?  The answer may be no, but once again, I don’t know that as a fact. Do you? 

8. Do you trust “them?”

Keep in mind, some of the biggest names responsible for the production and financing of the vaccine (like Bill Gates and George Soros) have openly stated that overpopulation is one of the world’s greatest problems and people numbers must be drastically reduced for humanity to succeed in the future.  And these are the same people we are supposed to trust to save our lives?  Is it just me, or does it seem as if the fox is guarding the hen house?  Some of those at the top have financial interests in the companies that produce the vaccine. I can almost understand now why a Malaria drug taken with Zinc and Z Pack was quickly “discredited,” in spite of hundreds of doctors shouting their positive experience with thousands of patients.  Those shouts were also silenced. Why?  Maybe because the virus had to do its job, and the vaccine had to be created.  You can dismiss that conclusion if you wish, but the question needs to be asked.    


I admit it.  I may be wrong.  Maybe the vaccine will work and there will be relatively little “collateral damage.”  But then again…my concerns may be correct.  Time will tell.  But in the meantime, I am still in that group of 99.99% that will survive the virus. In fact, I already have.  So why would I want them to inject me with a new, unknown and unproven technology that seeks to manipulate the master code of the Creator and that could possibly cause severe problems years down the road?  And when I see the massive effort, pressure, and manipulation to cause all to “take the vaccine,” I can’t help but wonder if this may be a prelude to “causing all, small and great, rich and poor, free or bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads.”  Too radical?  Maybe.  But I do believe the frog is oblivious to the rising temperature in the pot that is destined to boil.  This is the condition of our world right now. 

These are my conclusions; you will have to come to your own.  I only ask you consider every angle before making a decision about the getting the vaccine or not.  Don’t be a “sheeple.” You have a right to think independently. Remember the verse we began with:

“The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looks well to his going.”  Prov. 14:15

May God give us wisdom and direction in this volatile, confusing time.

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